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Vu Televisions hits another high with the launch of the VuStore.com and new 43” 4K, FHD TVs

Before we begin, let’s get you up to speed with some stats – In India, Vu Televisions currently ace the large size 4K TV market. With over 30 lakhs TVs sold in recent years, they’ve racked in a consolidated sale value of Rs 5,000 crore with the Vu Masterpiece QLED TV, the Vu Cinema TV Action Series, and the Vu Premium TV being their most-eyed pieces.

Being a self-funded and 100% debt-free brand, Vu is also one of India’s most profitable consumer tech companies. They stick to a strong 50:50 ratio strategy where both, online sales and offline sales streams matter equally. And in case you think all this only sounds great on paper, Vu televisions also has an impressive 97% customer repeat ratio. Sure, the television experience Vu delivers is stunning, but sadly, most Vu customers this year missed out on the experience of visiting a Vu store and purchasing a television. However, now, #VuComesToYou as the brand launches the VuStore.com. More so, they also venture into new dimensions with a new 43” 4K line-up.

Vu Televisions debuts the VuStore.com and new 43”4K, FHD line-up in India

Vu televisions

Launching their online store in India, Vu TVs is focused on D2C for 2022. Further to their already-brilliant televisions, they strive to provide luxury-grade customer service, swift installations, and shopping assistance services too, making the VuStore.com the most sophisticated D2C in India with an average selling price per unit of Rs 20,000.

You must be wondering, what makes Vu’s customer service so great? Well, in a digital world where bots and machines do most of the bargain, Vu thinks differently. Their customer care service boasts an ISO 9001-certified 24×7 that not only strives to provide a more human touch with their customer assistance but also in helping their customers choose the perfect television. The process begins with the Vu online store (VuStore.com), where one can choose a television of their choice and a 1-year or 3-year warranty. Upon creating a profile, filling up the necessary information, and booking your TV, Vu will regularly notify you via WhatsApp about order and delivery status. And if you need any further assistance, their dedicated customer care support is always ready to assist you.

Vu televisions

The other Vu launch we’re excited about is the 43” lineup. We’ve seen the television industry dabble in dimensions, big and small, striving to find the perfect dimensions for one’s living room. But considering the high demand Vu sees from Gen Z as well as Millennials, 43 seems to hit the nail right on its head. Vu pioneers to be the first brand in India delivering that ‘big screen’ experience even in smaller dimensions of 43”. Arriving in two dimensions – Full HD and 4K TVs. The Vu 43” 4K TV slates in at Rs 24,999 which is currently at par with the FHD TV prices. On the other hand, the Vu 43” FHD TVs begin at Rs 19,999.

Vu televisions devita saraf
Devita Saraf, Chairperson and CEO, Vu Televisions

The VuStore.com and the new 43” line up undoubtedly open new dimensions for the brand. Commenting on the launch, Devita Saraf, Chairperson, and CEO of Vu television stated “Ever since we started the company, Vu has been a youth favorite! But well, during the lockdown, as customers couldn’t come down and experience the Vu store in person, I received hundreds of messages on social media asking to make our products more affordable and accessible. I think it’s high time we give the people what they want, and today’s Gen-Z and Millennial buyers are the most informed, intelligent, and connected generation in history. Without compromising on the luxury brand experience that Vu is famous for, we’re finally ready with the VuStore.com in India. The youth of today certainly deserve the best brand, product, and service, and we at Vu simply strive to deliver that. We also aspire to build the VuStore.com into a 500-crore business by 2022.”

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