Right from Amazon’s plans of designing a new wearable technology that can analyse emotions to Google’s upcoming voice assistant feature that’s more than capable of making dinner reservations for us by talking to someone at a restaurant, the second quarter of 2019 seems to be all about developing hybrid wearables and more intelligent operating systems. On the heels of this AI upswing, the Apple has unveiled a plethora of upcoming hyper-intelligent OS updates for their entire line of products. With heavy inclination towards software instead of hardware updates, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 line-up included an amplified Mac Pro, their annual iOS update for the iPhone, a smarter OS for the Apple Watch, an independent OS for iPads, and a new Podcast app called Catalina, a replacement for the soon-to-retire iTunes. 

Tim Cook at the WWDC 2019Tim Cook at the WWDC 2019
Tim Cook at the WWDC 2019

Apple’s vision for the future was very clear right since they introduced the ECG feature for the Apple Watch Series 4 last year, developing a smarter OS that strives to better digital health support, security, and dynamic performance through software instead of hardware. And as expected, the new line of features that were unveiled yesterday, do just that. These are 5 biggest updates and services introduced at the WWDC ’19, line-up that you’ll be soon enjoying on your Apple devices.