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When light becomes art, drama ensues

Art can take many forms, created from a multitude of materials. Contemporary art constantly experiments with different mediums and pushes boundaries that are only limited by imagination. Looking at lighting installations as one such medium, today’s product designers are creating masterpieces that are nothing short of spectacular. Forget about those traditional chandeliers and wall sconces and take a look at these design mavericks who sculpt art in the form of lighting.



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The luxury lighting studio known for incredible custom-made works of art, Klove is the brainchild of Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth. Started in 2006, the duo wanted their designs to blend magical fantasy with reality, where the products work as playful sculptural elements without taking away from their functionality. Experimenting with material and form, they are highly inspired by the skills they learnt from working with traditional art forms and Indian craftsmen. Redefining this space, the design nonconformists work with hand-blown glass, steel, brass, and wrought iron. Their repertoire includes ethereal chandeliers like Boondh, screens like the Ashoka Panel where lights at the bottom softly illuminate ‘jaali’ panels, and wall installations like the Peacock wall mural of vibrant hand-blown glass. Their line, Shamanic Soul, is inspired by the lifestyles of shamans and has a definite Aztec and South American feel.

Sogani by Vibhor Sogani


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Seamlessly blending Indian artisanal skills with advancements in technology, the sculptural lights and installations by Sogani are mesmerising, to say the least. Each surreal, handcrafted beauty conveys character and resonates with the viewer. The material palette includes glass, acrylic, and metals like stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. With flawless fluidity and the perfect balance of metals and warm light, the installations marry remarkable aesthetics with just the right amount of functionality.

Viya Home

Designing interiors and products for the home, Viya Home was founded by siblings Vikram and Divya Goyal. Their approach to creating products like sculptures, furniture and lighting is one that is rooted in Indian culture and textures but transcends to a global, agnostic appeal. Working primarily with metal, their lighting range includes over-the-top wall sconces like the Golden Pyramid and Cubist Frieze pieces to stunning drop fixtures like the Persepolis and Molten Polygon chandeliers. Their unique and modern pieces are imagined with the intention of blurring the lines between art and product design.

Sans Souci


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The Czech brand Sans Souci is known for its decorative light fixtures, elaborate architectural features, and intricate light installations. Made from hand-blown Bohemian glass and crystal, their works of art are dramatic and breath-taking. A kaleidoscope of colour, Aurora comprises many pendants, each with two parts – the inner tube of hand-blown crystal with a bubbling soda effect and an outer clear cap with a silver nanocoating finish. The light sources are programmed to put on a pulsating show of different colours, rays, or drapes. Airy, a piece composed of handblown glass parts shaped like feathers, is inspired by the freedom of birds’ flight. The futuristic Bowls uses the contrast of colour and metallic coatings to draw attention. The glass components can be suspended in various designs to create theatrical features. Each crafted artwork beautifully captures the relationship between glass, light, and movement and are available in a multitude of colours and finishes.



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When it comes to magnificent crystal chandeliers and contemporary bespoke pieces, the German lighting brand Windfall has a lot to offer. Distributed in India by Emery Home, the company was founded by Dutch-born Roel Haagmans and German-born Clarissa Dorn in 2004. Haagmans, the chief designer of Windfall, is one of the most famous chandelier designers in the world, having crafted iconic pieces at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. Considered ‘Jewellers of Light’, the brand has collaborated with the likes of Cartier, Harry Winston, Roberto Cavalli, Montblanc, and Philippe Starck on projects around the world. Each handcrafted beauty is made from exquisite materials including the finest Swarovski and Lalique crystals, Murano glass, handmade antique glass, alabaster, passements or ornamental braids made from silk threads and 24-carat gold, used in a dizzying array of colours and combinations. The timeless appeal of these sparkling, floating forms with bulbs hidden within the structure is the only statement piece a room requires.

When light becomes art, drama ensues

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