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How Woven Promises, Obeetee’s buyback program stands the test of time

Obeetee Carpets boasts a hundred-year legacy of handcrafted luxury carpets, synonymous with their belief in sustainability. A story that began in the small town of Mirzapur in 1920 employing local artisans to create intricately hand-woven designed carpets; the brand is now known as one of the oldest handwoven rug companies in the world. The tradition of weaving that was carried down from the 16th-century artisans from the Grand Trunk Road, is now melded into the details of Obeetee Carpets by their Bhadoi-based artisans. Woven Promises, Obeetee’s buyback program furthers the company’s legacy of longevity with a promise to their patrons that stays.

While curating hand-woven rugs of the highest quality with 190 knots and above ranging to even 300 knots per square inch, all by the work of hand, Obeetee Carpets also marries their agenda of sustainability with their designs. Spanning years of eco-friendly practices to fit with their vision of sustainability, the brand enables multiple practices like water conservation, waste reduction, and the use of eco-friendly materials to spread their vision of sustainability. A company with years of legacy behind them and yet forward-facing Woven Promises, Obeetee’s buyback program assists the label in its sustainablity goal. Obeetee acts not only as a socially conscious label that works for the planet and its people; but also portrays a testament of artisanal heritage.


Obeetee carpets
Obeetee carpets

To enable the concept of consumerism that favours the planet as much as its products, social responsibility is a leading motive for the company. Their latest initiative, namely, Woven Promises, hopes to provide a sustainable alternative as well as a unique value-for-money experience for their customers in a bid to further their vision.

Obeetee’s buyback program, Woven Promises, aims to give their customer’s long-term investment, one that stands the test of time and longevity. To invest in beautifying your home over the years while also staying up to trend in a sustainable way is what the program does for you. Promising a certificate of authenticity, a 25-year buy-back guarantee, and a cashback promotion the program makes sure to not only buy back their carpets but also ensure quality and durability, with rugs crafted 190 knots per square inch. These rugs being crafted with the precision of traditional artistry provide these very artisans with a better lifestyle while also beautifying one’s home.

Obeetee designed by Shantnu and Nikhil

The program also gives their customers a sense of reassurance, and an option to upgrade or change their rugs to suit capricious trends. The safety of a buyback and less to worry about while investing in the future of their homes is the objective of their program; while keeping in mind its sustainable benefits.

Obeetee carpets tie century-old craftsmanship and future-facing sustainability in their multiple knots of artistry that promise to stand the test of time.

Hero and Feature images: Courtesy Obeetee 

How Woven Promises, Obeetee’s buyback program stands the test of time

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