Manushi Chhillar is probably the biggest star in India without having even a single movie to her credit yet. The stunning model and the winner of Miss World 2017, she carved her own path in the city of dreams with her steady campaigns, effortless beauty and her signature style. This year, the doctor-turned-actor is already on a high with her film debut in the upcoming historical drama Prithviraj opposite superstar Akshay Kumar. We caught up with the actress at the virtual press conference on the launch of ‘Watch Us Move’, an adidas India campaign celebrating women in 2021. Manushi shared with us her fitness regime, her self-care tips and her new movie.

Interview with Manushi Chhillar

What’s your fitness regime like? Share your fitness journey with us.

The past year has left all of us less energetic and locked up. But this did not stop me to continue staying fit and active because I believe consistency is the key. I was in continuous contact with my trainer, so that I had a full schedule of my next day workout routine. I believe that fitness is about lifestyle not just about the hours that you are spending at a gym and I like to make sure that I am as active as I can be throughout the day. I like to mix-up different kinds of fitness routine in my week like I love doing Pilates, I do my stretches which I mix with little bit of weight and cardio and dance classes. I am working out my body like every day via different forms. Apart from this, I have attended virtual sessions with Adidas trainers and clocked in my active minutes on the adidas running app.

My personal fitness journey through life is to always eat right, sleep for the right amount of time and apart from having physical fitness – have a stress free life. So it has always been a part of my lifestyle since childhood and I have only understood it better in time.

What is your idea of beauty?

My idea of beauty and being beautiful is confidence, self-belief and self-assurance. I feel that someone who is self-assured and is confidently beautiful is extremely attractive to me and I feel that is what defines beauty, you need to confidently be who you are and stand for what you believe in.

Interview with Manushi Chhillar

Is there a beauty routine you follow? 

I don’t think that I have a herculean beauty routine that I follow. My beauty routine would be getting proper sleep, making sure that I work out, making sure that I am eating good and healthy food. I try not to stress too much and make sure my skin is hydrated all the time. I keep my skin moisturised and clean and the rest takes care of itself.

What does self-care mean to you? What things do you do to take care of you?

I think self-care is one thing that has been often neglected by all of us. It is so important to take care of yourself and everything matters – thoughts that I have, the kind of physical routine I follow or the kind of people that I am with. I make sure that all this is adding value to the individual I am. There are ways I stay true to my life – I spend quality time with my family, I try to eat right, try meditating etc. Whether it’s my physical health, my mental health, my emotional health or psychological health –  it’s all about taking care of yourself so you can be your best self.

Interview with Manushi Chhillar

Tell us about your association with the adidas ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign and what moves you about it?

adidas’ ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign is about encouraging women to express themselves through freedom of movement. The campaign calls for women to be the reason of change for one another with their achievements and stories. I definitely connect with this campaign because my actions are true manifestation of movement, but movement with an objective. With so much going on the one thing which I hold onto is the power of optimism.

The campaign talks about breaking barriers. What for you is a barrier that you’ve had to break in the course of your career?

Whenever we want to do something that matters to us, there are lot of people who discourage us. It takes a toll on our self-confidence and pushes us behind the finishing line. So I feel that the one barrier that I am constantly trying to break through is to have that belief in myself that I can do it. Half the battle is won when you believe that you can do it. Most of us spend our lives thinking that we are probably not capable or the task is too difficult but when we start believing that we can do it, we end up with the best kind of victory. As a woman too, we are constantly being told that we are not enough, the task at hand is probably too tough or impossible to achieve. The real damage is when we believe that voice in our head. Have a goal, overcome that fear and every doubt you have in your mind and move ahead. I have broken those barriers and I will keep breaking them.

Interview with Manushi Chhillar

And finally, what projects are you currently working on?

I am very excited for my debut film Prithviraj which will be releasing this year on Diwali. I think that’s the first time everyone is going to see me on screen and that’s also the first time I am going to see myself on screen. So I also truly don’t know what to expect. I am quite nervous and very excited. I have worked really hard and I can’t wait for the final result. 

Pictures via Adidas; Manushi’s Instagram. With inputs by Akshita Nahar Jain

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