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The men’s collections just came to an end and we can’t get over the spectrum of bags that dominated the runways. Regular run-of-the-mill suitcases and duffles are out. And exquisitely crafted crossbody bags, logo-emblazoned backpacks, and sleek totes are in. We round up the best of bag trends for men.

It is about expanding your horizon this season. Muster some courage and engage in colours like pinks, reds and greens. Move beyond the standard boxy silhouette and think architectural shapes as well as pieces inspired by baseball caps. Besides this, dual bags seems to be a hot crossover trend migrating from womenswear. These are the coolest bag trends for men this year.

Sleek suitcases

Call them an insignia of everything formal or an expression of power. Suitcases in all shapes, sizes, and textures are here to stay. In case you are all suited up for a board meeting, invest in classic leather suitcases, scales will always add character. Splurge in smaller pieces. Think small suitcase inspired unisex clutches. Both Dior Homme and Louis Vuitton served us some inspiration.

Bold backpacks

A statement backpack at Armani Fall 2020. Image: Courtesy Getty
A statement backpack at Armani Fall 2020. Image: Courtesy Getty

Yes, you can refer to them as off-duty staples. All purpose carryalls, which are mostly brought to use when you need to be on the go. But this season, take note of how you can loop them in to make a strong statement. Invest in pieces featuring striking colours, or pick up the one’s with logos. The one’s with large exterior pockets do no harm. Even if you are be a suit donning executive, a smart backpack is always an option.

Fancy fanny packs

Carved in tan brown leather and uber sleek. These fanny packs are available in a variety of materials such as velvet. Calling a humble fanny pack hero piece for every fashion forward guy this season won’t be an exaggeration. We’d say indulge in them when you have to make a statement and want to veer away from anything heavy. If you are too daring, pair them with your trouser-shirt combo. Kim Jones’ rendition of the same for Dior makes it to our cut.

All-purpose totes

You got to be a bit daring with totes this season. Veer away from the monotonous all black, navy blue or brown numbers, and instead pick up pieces in white. Case in point is this white Valentino bag. Also, why should Kardashians have all the fun with Hermès classics?

Daring duffles and barrels

Planning a weekend trip? A wide spectrum of duffle, messenger, and barrel bags might save you. This season runways were packed with colourful, sleek versions of the same. However, this Louis Vuitton’s pink number made it to our radar.

Cross body bags

Crossbody bags, the name itself suggests a sense of effortlessness. You don’t have pick off-duty bag packs when it comes to crossbody pieces. Renditions of the same in tan brown and even featuring dual bags are available, so go on and experiment.

Colour, colour and colour

Did someone say hot pink! Image: Courtesy Getty
Did someone say hot pink? Image: Courtesy Getty

A range of pinks, reds, blues, and several iterations of ombré are dominating the trend wheel this season. So, maybe it’s time to take a leap over those orthodox brown and black hues. From Berluti and Balmain to Dior and JW Anderson, the repository is brimming with inspiration.

A democracy of shapes

Move beyond the usual box shaped bags. At times making a statement takes precedence. Just in case you want carry works of art, take a look at JW Anderson’s pieces inspired by baseball caps. His wide range of unconventional architectural shaped bags make a strong case of his love for art.

Faux Fur

Fur suitcases at Off-White Fall 2020Image: Courtesy Getty
Fur suitcases at Off-White Fall 2020 Image: Courtesy Getty

Mini fur bucket bags dominated the street style scene last season, this season the furry texture is migrating to menswear. Think fur pouches and even suitcases; they make for a complete winter wardrobe.

Size matters

Bag trends for men would be incomplete without oversized numbers. An all purpose oversized beach bag has already made its conquest last season, thanks to Jacquemus. This season is all about oversized leather totes and bucket bags.

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