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Layering rules for fall 2019: How to wear, what to buy and how to style your winter wear

The ultimate fashion season this year comes with a whole lot of new layering ideas and techniques. Fall, this year is looking for genius ways to add colours, warmth, texture, and style to your wardrobe. Layering, though is tricky and comes with its own set of rules – from the right kind of silhouette to build on to the fabrics to accentuate the figure. From Sonam Kapoor and Gigi Hadid to Celine to Miu Miu, strong fashion forces have shown us how to ace layering – albeit in their own way adding touches that are both individualistic and personal. The cardinal rule of layering begins with setting a base that is lightweight and form fitting – so choose between synthetic, wool, silk, or cotton – its’ always the fabric that sets the tone. For this winter, get inspired by these runway and street looks to master the art of layering beautifully.

Appointing your slip dress

Thanks to the creative technique of layering, no dress in your wardrobe needs to go in hibernation. Adding a sweater underneath a slip dress is an excellent trick to add texture and warmth to your winter outfit. Pair a solid sweater with a printed dress or a printed sweater with a solid slip for a stylish balance. Wear your dress over a button down. For colder days, you can begin by layering a high neck underneath a button down shirt or wear a maxi slip dress on a neutral turtle neck and throw on long coat. You can also opt for a monochrome look by pairing a body hugging warm knit with your slinky slip dress.


Layering with blazer

You can’t go wrong with tweed jackets over dresses this winter. Go boho by slipping into t-shirts with simpler patterns like stripes and team it up with floral bottoms. Stick to monochromes and pair blazers with belts. Take your chunky scarves out and use them as accents. 


Knits over knits

Knit-on-knit is one of fall’s biggest trends. The matching cardigan and bra hit the roof when Katie Homes was seen sporting the trend. Wear a lacy slip under the cropped cardigan. Put on an oversized accent cable-knit over a neutral sweater, and keep adding colours. Mix patterns with busier patterns. You can also add a cardigan in a similar colour to a form-fitting knitwear. Layer your tightly clinging solid knit with a loose fit sweater. You can be creative with the top layer by adding colours, patterns, different weaves, or even applique. Pair it with a skirt or a trouser. 

Layering with jackets

Jackets are easily the most popular way of layering with a huge scope for experimentation. Keep it sporty like Sonam Kapoor by teaming up your plaids and checks with an athleisure jacket. Leather jackets have made an official comeback for bona fide stylish rocker look. Render the black and white staples from your wardrobe a new life through layering. Tunic over a turtle neck teamed with contrasting wide legged trouser and a long jacket to finish the look.


Layering with vest

A well-tailored vest can make any outfit look put-together. Wear a monochrome vest-suit with a roll neck or a sweater. Liven up an all-black outfit with a multicoloured vest to beat the winter blues. You can further lift your outfit up with waist belts. Add multiple soft layers and pack it with a long vest. Stick to two or three colours for max appeal.