When it comes to the modern-day sneaker landscape, what’s old is new again. While we are seeing tons of new sneakers entering the market daily, only a select few go down in the annals of history. Some of the best classic sneakers on this list have a unique reason for their success – some feature timeless aesthetics, others were catalysts of change. And then, there are a few that kickstarted a legit cultural revolution both on the streets and in our sartorial choices.

What started as a vast and beautiful compilation of trendy and comfortable footwear pieces is now defined as dignified works of art sported by people from all walks of life. From legendary kicks like the original Converse All-Star from 1917 to Onitsuka Tiger shoes that were created to push post-World War II youth towards sports and athleticism, sneaker culture has become an active part of our everyday lifestyle. 

Before turning into something timeless, sneakers had to evolve into a pop-cultural enigma -much like exuberant couture pieces by iconic designers – to garner devoted consumers that swear by celeb-approved kicks every season. However, hype or no hype, this trend is here to stay whether it’s in the form of athletics or leisure.

To wrap up 2019, the year of collaborations, we’ve curated a customised list of five of our favourite classic sneakers that are worth investing in this season.