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Sustainability and style today go hand in hand. With the industry taking a conscious step towards eco-friendliness, global and local fashion trends are moving towards informed choices. LIVA Fluid Fashion is one such brand spreading the idea of sustainability with a new-age, 100 percent nature-based fabric (in a pure or blended form) made from cellulosic fibres. That means a soft, comfortable fabric that not only falls well but also drapes beautifully around the wearer. The breathable fabric also comes with the idea of movement, of conscious fluidity, confidence, being uninhibited, and living your flow in the most positive, enlightened way.

The fabric is an ode to free-flowing thoughts that can have a larger impact on a person and the environment around them. The brand ethos of ‘Live Your Flow’ stems from this very idea. LIVA enhances the life and loves of the individual wearing it, and by extension ‘Live Your Flow’ is about being unrestrained, confident, true to yourself, and living fully in the moment. Yes, there’s an alluring je ne sais quoi to it.

LIVA Fluid Fashion recently organised a beautiful celebration of the idea, where more than 25 influencers and celebrities singer-anchor Shibani Dandekar, and actors Hina Khan and Amyra Dastur, came together to exchange their ‘Live Your Flow’ stories.


In Mumbai, at the Razzberry Rhinoceros set by the beach and overlooking a stunning sunset, everyone attending indulged in eclectic props and swaying swings that not only created an Instagram-worthy setting but also alluded to the idea of fluidity. With everyone dressed in a variety of looks, from easy-chic daywear to smart casuals to high-octane eveningwear, all created with LIVA, the versatility of the fabric was in full display. What better way to understand the effortlessness, spontaneity, and confidence that LIVA stands for, than by wearing and experiencing its properties?

Engaging activities at the event

Flaunting a beige-and-black polka dotted LIVA-made dress, Natasha Shrotri, a popular influencer and content creator from Pune, told us how ‘Live Your Flow’ was a blueprint for staying confident and following her passion, while Radhika Sharma, looking chic in a flowing pastel green kurta that showcased LIVA’s beautiful drape and fall, talked about how the fabric felt, making it the prime choice for everyday wear. Popular Mumbai blogger and content creator Aanam Chashmawala knows a thing or two about ‘living her flow’ – she told us how she had worked with the label for nearly four years, how the brand respected nature, and how her long association had made sure her style was always effortless with LIVA.

It was however the tete-a-tete with Hina Khan, Shibani Dandekar, and Amyra Dastur that truly captured the essence of the evening. The celebrities opened up about their lives and challenges, how they had overcome struggles and through it all stayed positive and lived their flow. It was something that resonated with the audience, who in turn shared similar experiences of staying true to themselves. A question and answer round saw the celebrities interact with influencers, and the conversations touched upon how one should live one’s dreams, create their own flow, and stay stylish every step of the way. Global Brand Director and President, LIVA, Srishti Sawhney also spoke about how the concept flows into sustainability in style effortlessly.

Shibani Dandekar, Hina Khan, and Amyra Dastur talking about how to ‘Live Your Flow’

Post the interaction, ‘Live Your Flow’ was embraced by influencers in several ways. While some chose to get sarees in LIVA draped in different ways by saree researcher and founder of The Indian Draping Company, Nikaytaa, others indulged in wine expert and tea sommelier Ralph Craven’s wine appreciation session under the beautiful night sky.

Hina Khan interacting with saree drapist and researcher Nikaytaa

Curious about LIVA? Interested in experiencing its softness, comfort, and perfect drape? Just look for the LIVA tag when shopping.

To know more about LIVA, visit www.livafluidfashion.com/

Director and editor: Pranav Bhasin
DOP: Priyesh Kava