In a market driven by trends, the classic white shirt retains its charm. While its timeless, buttoned-down version is a must-have in every wardrobe, past years have seen the white shirt being used as creative canvas, and reimagined in a number of ways. Think Jacquemus’ signature draped and knotted white shirt minidress, and Carolina Herrera’s crisp fitted versions that are loved by all. Homegrown labels too have created their renditions, bold enough to be a part of our curation of the best designer white shirts in India.

Rajesh Pratap Singh 
Classic white shirts. Image: Courtesy Rajesh Pratap Singh
Classic white shirts. Image: Courtesy Rajesh Pratap Singh

For Rajesh Pratap Singh, a designer known for his white shirts, it is a core style and a mainstay in every wardrobe. It also allows him to remain true to his narrative of creating classic, timeless pieces. In his ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ collection that was showcased last August, he created “a white shirtdress that adapts itself from an amalgamation of different styles, like that of a shirtdress and a knotted waist borrowed from the traditional lungi.” 

Anomaly's textured khadi shirt
Anomaly's silk blouse

Medha Khosla of Anomaly is drawn to the white shirt owing to its versatility, and considers it integral to her oeuvre. Known for her casual-chic aesthetic, she started experimenting with foundation pieces such as a silk tank and bias-cut silk top, and then forayed into textured khadi shirts and silk blouses with contrast piping, making her pieces one of the best designer white shirts in India. “A white cotton shirt can be made exquisite with fine tailoring and interesting textiles. A simple, boxy shirt can be interesting if crafted in a unique fabric,” she says. 

Classic white shirts.Image: Courtesy Munkee.See.Munkee.Doo 
Classic white shirts. Image: Courtesy Munkee.See.Munkee.Doo

Utsav Pradhan’s love affair with the white shirt began in his school days; a classic white shirt was an inseparable part of his daily wardrobe. This inspired his white shirt aesthetic. “Our version is relaxed, boyish and without darts. It’s pleated, pin-tucked, and deconstructed. Furthermore, we experimented with the proportions, asymmetric hems and just about everything else,” he says. 

The Summer House 
The Summer House's boxy white top
The ink-splattered shirt from The Summer House

While making the most of the visual simplicity of an otherwise complex construction, Shivangini Parihar considers the details of a white shirt keenly, and her version of it incorporates playful elements. “We’ve used exaggerated cuffs, a splatter of ink, or an origami fold to create room for our individuality while staying true to a white shirt’s simplicity,” she says. 

Classic white shirts.Image: Courtesy Doodlage
Classic white shirts. Image: Courtesy Doodlage

Since the inception of her label in 2012, Kriti Tula has focused on different aspects of upcycling. Refurbishing industrial scraps and using patching, panelling and embroidery to cover defects has become her signature. No surprises then that her patched white shirt has become a signature piece. “It’s been in every collection since 2014,” says Tula proudly. 

All images: Courtesy designers

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