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9 YouTubers teaching men to be stylish

Putting an elegant look together is more than pairing the right blazer with a timepiece or a shirt with a pair of trousers — the devil is in the detail and a few fashion YouTubers know that well.

Let’s face it. There’s been a long learning curve for men in the affairs of style. Call it a laid-back approach or simply a misguided venture, but most Indian men have a long way to go to reach sartorial finesse. As we spend some time at home, how about some professional consultancy from a few fashion YouTubers who have mastered menswear styling?

The Modest Man

the modest man

Riding the minimalist wave is Brock McGoff from The Modest Man. The reason why we tune into MCGoff is for his specialisation in minimalist aesthetics. Unlike most, his umbrella doesn’t cover the entire style spectrum, but one that suits him best. Moreover, he embraces it. Apart from style, McGoff also dabbles in tech, watch collecting guides, sneaker care, and a bit of formalwear on a Sunday.


While most influencers are revered by fans and their audiences for their taste in style, Ashley Weston, one of the coolest fashion YouTubers and a regular Hollywood red carpet stylist, teaches you how to ace style like her celebrity clients. She also makes cool videos on men’s lifestyle, subjects relating to sex and dating, and footwear.

Alex Costa

Alex Costa

Before Costa ventured out into the world of men’s lifestyle content, he was a world-class gamer. So it’s understandable why Costa has always had more fun appeal in his content and the topics he talks about. He covers the entire spectrum: Men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, and sex and dating. His YouTube channel is a true millennial’s manual.

Alpha M

aaron marino

When we think about men’s fashion YouTubers, Aaron Morino is a veteran. With an army of nearly 6 million followers, Morino talks not only about how to style yourself right but also what you’re doing wrong. Moreover, he balances it out perfectly with dating, hygiene, and fitness videos and tutorials as well.



As you can tell by this picture, BluMaan’s (Joseph Andrew)  forte is hairdressing. With a 1.6 million follower channel dedicated to styling your hair right, BluMaan does reviews, breaks down popular hairstyles, tutorials on how to style your hair, and much more. While that’s the front-end of his skill set, he also aces fashion affairs like casual layering, sneakers, and other hypebeast topics.

Robin James

Robin James

There aren’t a lot of men out there who stress enough about skincare as much as they do about grooming. Meet Robin James, an international men’s grooming evangelist who gives importance to both fields. While his primary affair is grooming, he also dabbles in style. His Scottish suave is evident in his dressing, and you should subscribe to his channel if you’d like to master the art of classic menswear with a modern twist.

He Spoke Style

he spoke style

Brian Sacawa from He Spoke Style is class apart. He’s a global figure when it comes to luxury formalwear advice and grooming. Before YT, he was a blogger and a writer, and I’ve personally taken inspiration from his cues of menswear. His work bends towards the more discerning, and he talks mostly about formalwear, business travelling, watches, and premium footwear. For those who’d like to educate themselves in corporate and black-tie dressing, make his blog your style bible.

Mayank Bhattacharya

Completing this list with some homegrown excellence, here’s Mayank Bhattacharya. He’s currently one of India’s coolest fashion YouTubers and for good reason. Apart from acing the style game, Mayank creates excellent content  on being charismatic and confident. More so, he also creates fitness and trendy grooming topics.


BeerBiceps is undeniably a go-to men’s lifestyle channel for Indian men. The reason why Ranveer was able to build an empire of 2.5 million followers on YouTube is his taste in simple elegance and super-easily consumable content. The message of not needing luxury brands to look stylish is a resonating message on his channel, which is why it’s so easy for his audience to connect with his content. He also covers topics like fitness, sex and dating, food and social topics.

All images: Courtesy respective creator’s Instagram 

9 YouTubers teaching men to be stylish

Mikhail Gomes

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