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Adidas period-proof tights & other accessories easing your monthly menstrual experience

As adidas gears up to launch their Period-Proof tights in India, we explore clothing items, gadgets, apps, and accessories designed to make the menstrual cycle more functional and definitely more eco-friendly.

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Adidas Tech Fit Period Proof Tights

The menstrual cycle – often disguised as periods, an ol ‘chum’, red wedding, shark week, or simply that time of the month – is the boon and bane of every women’s existence. While we understand and accept its biological implications, the monthly disturbance to our daily life and functioning always leaves us a bit perturbed.

Two decades after making acquaintance with Aunt Flow, she and I continue to have a love-hate relationship. After all, the trail of disruption and devastation she leaves behind is one that I am yet to discount for. The untimely onset, which like clockwork, falls on the day I wear white pants, stomach cramps that make me call in a sick day, and most importantly, the trail of plastic that I leave behind that go against a sustainable lifestyle. Much like any natural disaster, preparation is key to tackling the menstrual cycle. So now, I have apps like ClueGlow, and even Apple Health to better plan my outfits. 

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Power Gummies – That Time Of The Month Gummies

Popping a pill has been the easiest resource for pain management during your menstrual cycle, although experts now recommend turning to vitamin gummies to address the same. Celebrity Dietician & Expert at Power Gummies, Shikha Sharma suggests it as a way to tackle PMS related symptoms, “Period gummies have proven to be the most effective in dealing with all the symptoms including nerve-wracking pain, disturbed sleep, hormonal acne popping out during your periods, bloating, muscle pain, cravings, abdominal pain, cramps, fatigue, and anxiety with no side effects. The right formulation of ingredients, when taken after ovulation, can prepare your body to fight with PMS symptoms.”

Another burgeoning trend in the pain redressal forum is heat patches. Say goodbye to bulky hot water bottles and simply stick on one of these cramp relief patches. Carmessi’s air-activated heat patches are made with natural ingredients such as iron, salt, water, activated carbon, moisture absorber and vermiculite that provide almost instant relief and last for almost 8 hours, or a workday that you would have otherwise missed. Portable solutions like these are a godsend for athletes and women on the move.

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Carmesi Cramp Relief Heat Patch

Did you know that only 20% of India’s total menstruating population uses pads? Yet there are about over 12 billion sanitary napkins that are to be disposed of every year. The conversation around the health and environmental impact of this is long drawn and in personal space, we can only address what an individual can do to tackle it.

According to Deep Bajaj, CEO and co-founder at Sirona Hygiene, over 5 lakh women are already using their menstrual cups. A boggling number indicating that there is a growing acceptance of alternate solutions in urban circles. From personal experience – the product as promised is easy to use, the icky-ness that one assumes is imaginary and if used regularly is definitely a better solution than sanitary napkins and tampons.

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Adidas TechFit Period Proof Short Tights

However, in my personal opinion, devices like tampons and menstrual cups aren’t the most forgiving when it comes to athletic activities. Which is what led us onto our path to explore the region of period panties and adidas’ period-proof tights. When a global sportswear giant like adidas recognises a need at alternative solutions aimed at the menstrual cycle, you sit up and take notice.

For the initiated, period leggings are designed to absorb blood when you’re menstruating leaving you dry and stain-free. According to their research, one out of every four girls gives up sports on the onset of menstruation. In a bid to overcome this barrier, the brand recently launched their first period sportswear product the adidas TechFit Period Tights (soon to be launched in India) so that can girls can come out and play.

Our trial with these leakproof tights was a fairly successful one, an evening run with the well-fitted tights that are made from absorbent layers yet fell feather-light. Their New Flow Shield Technology along with a built-in leakproof did its job — the run and the cooldown post it was fairly worry-free. The tights are easy to wash, and they can easily be your go-to garment for days with a light flow. The dual advantage of minimal environmental impact and pretty much seamless menstruating experience has us hooked with these period-proof products.

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