Since her breakout role in PINK in 2016, a movie about a sexual assault victim, Taapsee Pannu has made a tectonic shift to creating more mindful cinema. Her elegance, individuality, and acting chops have made her a force to reckon with in Bollywood. Taapsee Pannu recently announced the launch of her own production house, Outsider Films, with friend, producer and content creator Pranjal Khandhdiya. 

With movies like Netflix’s Haseen Dilruba under her belt, the aim behind this new venture is to empower talent that doesn’t come with a film background. The actress has also been appointed as the face of Vogue Eyewear. We talk to this bona fide star about the many hats (or sunglasses) she wears, how and where she shops and her self care routine.

Tell us a bit about your personal style. How do you define it?

While the comfort factor is a constant that always reflects in my outfits, my style keeps changing with time, and the kind of movies I do. What happens is that when I wear a particular look back to back for weeks, it tends to seep into my style statement, and I gradually start absorbing certain elements into my own personal style. Usually, I love wearing layered and cotton outfits but basis the film I am doing, the kind of look I wear with layers or cotton fabrics keeps changing.

As far as accessories are concerned, what do you look for in sunglasses?

I actually like all different shapes and designs of sunglasses and feel that most of them are suited to my face, so my choice of eyewear basically depends on the vibe of the outfit for that day. Depending on the occasion, whether it’s a day look or evening wear, or even the season, I like to select the sunglasses keeping the vibe of the design as the major focus.

What’s in your handbag this summer?

In my bag, you will majorly find essentials like my wallet, keys, phone, moisturiser, and sanitizer now. If it’s the summer season, and I am stepping outdoors with my favourite pair of Vogue Eyewear sunglasses, a must-have companion for the scorching heat. Lafayette & London are the styles which I love the most, so I usually have either of these styles in my handbag.

What according to you is the most stylish trend today?

I’m actually not much of a follower of trends because, by the time I get a hang of a trend, it changes. So I love summer clothes more than winter clothes and a scarf is a constant along with my favourite pair of sunglasses. Many times my sunglasses end up matching my scarf more than my outfit, so that is where my focus lies.

Where do you shop and can you recommend a few places for amazing outfits and accessories?

Being in the kind of field I am in, I rarely shop for clothes and accessories because we end up getting access to a lot of new things that brands and designers keep coming up with. Therefore, my shopping actually happens when I travel either to the heartland of India where I try to purchase local fabrics and get something made for myself or pick up a local outfit to mix and match with. Or else when I go abroad, I end up finding and shopping from high street brands which are not in India as yet.


What does self care mean to you? What things do you do to take care of yourself?

I think self care for me is making sure that you are having a nice and pleasant time during the day, be it in terms of how good you feel from the inside or how fit your body feels. Because if you feel your skin is looking nice or your hair are looking nice or you are dressed up well, you automatically feel good, so it’s a combination of all of these things. The main essence of self care according to me is when you judge how you feel or look at yourself, without really bothering about how people perceive it because beauty and looks are very subjective. So if you really take care of yourself, your body and your mind, you actually will end up feeling nice about yourself and that will reflect in your personality as well.

What projects are you currently working on?

Well, Haseen Dillruba has just been released so currently, I am basking in the love and happiness that I am receiving from the audience for the movie. After which I move on to the release of one of my Tamil films and then Rashmi Rocket, Looop Lapeta and Dobaaraa coming up this year. While I shoot for a couple of more films which will release in 2022.

What do you have to say about your association with Vogue Eyewear?

This is my first experience endorsing an eyewear brand and when it comes to Vogue Eyewear it has a wide appeal amongst the youth. They have some amazing designs and styles to choose from, the variety is huge and the best part is that it is affordable for the younger generation which makes it extremely accessible and this is also what I love most about the brand.

All images: Courtesy Vogue Eyewear

Latha Sunadh
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