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‘Sex and The City’ reboot: 35 thoughts we have on ‘And Just Like That’

We were ready to hate the entire thing, but the premiere of the Sex and the City reboot actually completely surprised (and emotionally destroyed) us. Here are 35 thoughts we had while watching And Just Like That…

The Sex and the City reboot premiered on HBO GO today, with the unveiling of the first two episodes of And Just Like That… on the streaming platform. Expectations and anticipations had been running high ever since the show was announced last year, with the lack of one key character causing an even greater buzz. The news of the reboot posed a plethora of questions and even fans of the show had started to ponder. How on earth will this work without Samantha Jones? How will it be appropriate in 2021? What will the show even focus on if everyone is married? And — there is this one elephant in the room — hasn’t everyone aged quite significantly?

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Whilst we were ready to completely write off the show from its get-go, a few cringe-worthy moments (but also major reunion energy) later, we became completely hooked. And Just Like That… touches on a ton of current trends in a way that feels like an embarrassing parent trying to be cool, but it also tugs on your heartstrings in a way only the warmth of a loved one could. Big’s #DadBod aside, there’s a lot of nostalgia at play here, and it really manages to cleverly manipulate and intrigue the way the rest of the series will pan out. Read on for our blow-by-blow thoughts through the first two episodes, and, obviously, expect a few spoilers ahead.

And Just Like That review
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35 thoughts we had while watching And Just Like That…

1. 3 seconds in and we are already missing Samantha’s presence
2. What is this font?
3. Oh my god, Covid-19 jokes (they still hurt)
4. Samantha deserved better. Sorry not sorry.
5. Everyone wears glasses to read the menu now, Steve is partially deaf, Miranda has grey hair. We get it. You aged.
6. Carrie being on Instagram and a podcast. We get it. You aged and you want to seem relevant.
7. Big is such a dad (and we love it)
8. This apartment is the perfect cross between Carrie’s apartment and Big’s…bigness
9. Man it feels good to see Carrie and Big being cute in the kitchen again. This dinner music ritual is the sweetest thing.
10. The pronouns. The racism. The ageism. Is Miranda’s awkwardness around appropriateness the absolute symbol of our times?
11. Carrie, get off the podcast.
12. Did they just reference Bridgerton, Peloton, and sourdough all within a few minutes? We get it. You aged and you want to seem relevant and you want us to like you.

And Just Like That review
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13. That awkward moment when you realise Brady is the most Sex and the City on this show right now
14. Harry is still hilariously lovable and we’re here for it
15. It’s the Manhattan School of Music!
16. The drama of this recital. Oh my goodness. These back and forth shots are intense.
17. Wait…

And Just Like That thoughts
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18. Wait why are we starting to suspect this Peloton instructor…
19. Wait can someone make this stop…
20. JOHN
22. And Just Like That?! That’s how it ends?! Just like that?! We’re on the floor.

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23. This is the first time we 100% relate to Charlotte bawling.
24. You know things have changed in the world when even Steve and Miranda have a walk-in closet now
25. Still slightly uncomfortable with the in-and-out weaving of Samantha into the storyline, but the flowers are gorgeous
26. So will Miranda ever get a glass of wine when she asks for one? (Exception for purse wine, of course)
27. Funeral fashion at its finest

And Just Like That thoughts
Image Credit: HBO GO

28. Oh wow, so Big’s brother is hot too
29. We assume this Susan Sharon character was placed here to represent the anti-Big crowd…
30. We’re not normally fans of new people but Lisa and Che Diaz seem cool
31. Stanford’s outfits are beautiful (RIP Willie Garson)

And Just Like That review
Image Credit: HBO GO

32. “What part of ‘no flowers’ do orchid people not understand?” *laughs in Charlotte*
33. There must be a subliminal message behind this apartment 12C sign
34. Is every episode going to end with a life lesson preluded by “And Just Like That…”? We get it…
35. Siri, put tissues on tomorrow’s shopping list. Also Chablis. And maybe hold off my Peloton class.

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