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The trendiest collection of bags for men to look their stylish best every time

Remember Joey being poked fun at for loving and flaunting his man’s bag a little too much in the fifth season (episode 15) of the American sitcom Friends? There was a time when carrying a bag was considered a rather out-of-the-ordinary choice for men. Cut to recent times, the world surely has dropped those apprehensions and is fully embracing bags for men as an essential and statement fashion accessory.

Accentuating your look with a voguish bag is one of the most popular ways to make a sartorial style statement. It’s like that missing piece of a puzzle that complements a look to the tee, besides being useful for carrying essentials. And a slew of options and styles available for men to choose from is a testament to that! Whether it’s a crossbody bag or a backpack, whether it’s the currently trending fanny pack or a tote or a duffle, different types of looks and occasions call for a different kind of bag to be worn.

And if you’re someone who believes in the ability of a stylish bag to elevate any look, then our edit of some of the best bags for men would surely leave you spoilt for choices.

How to choose bags for men for every occasion?

As much as bags are about their look and style, they are first and foremost an essential, which makes choosing the right ones an absolute necessity. Here are a few things to consider while buying bags for yourself.

Basics first

If you’re just starting to build your collection of bags, begin with the basics — be it in terms of hues or styles. Opt for all-rounders that you can take to your workplace as easily as you can carry them for your hangouts and errands. Choose basic colours like black, blue, brown and tan, as these shades will complement almost every look you pull off. Once you have your basics sorted, you can level up with quirkier and more avant-garde bags in distinctive styles and hues.


The purpose of the bag and where you’d be using it should be a key deciding factor. If you’re looking for an everyday bag, a practical piece that has comfortable straps should be your priority (be it a backpack or a cross-body bag). If you’re looking for a statement piece for just your laptop, a sleek and elegant laptop briefcase would make for a great choice. If you’re looking for a rather attention-grabbing bag to elevate your casual (or streetwear) look, a fanny pack or a tote in a striking hue or edgy detailing would be ideal.


The size and comfort of the bag make for an essential aspect as well. If you carry lots of things (for your office, for instance), a backpack or a spacious messenger bag should be a preferred choice. If you don’t usually carry a lot of stuff and primarily want a bag to accessorise your outfits, a small bag would be good enough. Also, getting swayed by the style and looks of the bag alone is a big no. Comfort matters equally.


Always opt for a good quality, durable bag as they tend to last long, especially if you’re opting for a luxury or a designer piece. Bags can really be a great investment when done right.

Budget and its worth

Lastly, the price range of bags for men is vast. There’s a sea of options out there for one to choose from. Consider how much you want to spend and its value for money.

What are the different types of bags for men?

Fashion does not have boundaries and much like it is for women, there’s a bag for every kind of man and occasion. Here are some of the most common and popular styles of bags that men can splurge on.

Duffle bag — a heavy-duty bag that’s often used for travelling.

Briefcase — a narrow and sleek bag with handles (and an additional cross-body strap) that you carry to your workplace.

Backpacks — the good-old bag that you carried in school or college but can also be carried to your workplace.

Tote bag — a bag that would carry all your essentials while lending a rather casual look and can be carried perfectly with streetwear.

Messenger bags — also known as satchels, a bigger version of small cross-body bags that can hold your laptop, important files and other essentials easily.

Fanny packs — a small bag worn around the waist or as a cross body (resting just above your waist) with space enough to hold essentials like money, phone, earphones and business cards.

Sling bags — small-sized cross-body bags like their counterparts for women.

Best work bags for men

Laptop satchel
Image Credit: Ono Kosuki/Pexels

How you dress for your workplace and meetings is very subjective and depends on factors like the work you do, the work environment you’re a part of and your style aesthetics. And equally dependent on your looks is the type of bag you choose to accessorise your outfits.

For instance, if you’re working in a startup where you dress up rather casually, a sporty backpack or even a tote bag might complement your apparel. If you’re a part of a more formal corporate culture, an understated briefcase or leather side bag would make for a better choice. No matter what your workplace style is, a bag that complements it cannot be compromised on.

Best sling bags for men

Man wearing a sling pouch
Image Credit: Nana Lapushkina/Pexels

Sling bags or crossbody bags for men are as much a rage as their women counterparts. Combining form and function in a compact manner, sling bags make for a great choice, be it for daily commutes or a day spent outdoors. If you’re someone who wants to avoid the bulk of a backpack or a side messenger bag but also desires something bigger than a wallet to hold more than just your cards and money, a sling bag should be your go-to.

Best office bags for men

Office bag for men
Image Credit: Ivan Zhukevich/Unsplash

Carrying a bag to your office is as fashionable as it is essential. While it keeps all your workplace necessities in one place, it also holds your formal look together with its sophisticated vibe. Be it a briefcase or a backpack, an office bag that complements your style perfectly is a must in every man’s closet.

Best travel bags for men

Travel duffle
Image Credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Is travelling in style your thing? Are voguish travel essentials always on your wishlist? If you believe in the concept of airport looks, coupled with the most stunning luggage, then splurging on trendy travel bags is definitely worth it. Travel bags speak of your style sensibilities and are a fashion accessory as much as any other bag is. No wonder they come in a myriad of materials, designs, styles, patterns and even hues.

Best gym bags for men

Man carrying a gym bag
Image Credit: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

Voguish gym bags are as much a rage as fashionable ones. While they carry your gym essentials, they also add tons to your upbeat look. Mostly duffle bags with an additional cross-body strap, gym bags for men are crafted in a sporty look that lends a super cool, yet snazzy vibe to your outfit. So, if you’re someone who loves working out and is often found hitting the gym, get yourself a modish bag right away!

(Main Image Courtesy: Andrew Neel/Unsplash ; Featured Image Courtesy: Mister Mister/Pexels)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the best bags for men that go with every attire?

Answer: Backpacks and cross-body messenger bags make for a highly practical choice. Fulfilling both the style and function aspects, these types of bags are as appropriate for a leisurely day out as they are for the workplace.

Question: How to avail the best deals on bags for men?

Answer: You can check out different online and offline sales to get some of the best deals on bags for men.

Question: Are unisex bags in trend?

Answer: Yes, for how they make a great choice for both men and women, unisex bags are always in.

Question: Are big bags for men in trend?

Answer: Whether you should carry a big bag or not depends on why you need one. For instance, if you’re looking for a travel bag, it’s apt to choose a big duffle bag or a rucksack. If you carry a lot of things to your workplace, a good-sized backpack would be an ideal choice.

The trendiest collection of bags for men to look their stylish best every time

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