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Bring out your scissors as dresses with massive holes catch fashion’s fancy

The fashion industry has something new to offer, and we aren’t talking about the ‘Year of the Tiger’ collections. We are talking dresses with massive holes in them, and it’s not what you think.

Fashion trends are everchanging, and each time we enter a new year, people start and indulge in fresh trends. It has been about a fortnight into 2022, and people donning clothes and dresses with massive holes is the next new thing. We aren’t talking about distressed holes but large holes placed strategically and legitimately onto dresses. Cut-outs are a trend that’s been ongoing for a while, but we have always seen cut-outs of decent sizes. We have seen several dresses and tops with cut-outs, creating a fashion statement, sometimes at the midsection or all throughout.


Many fashion brands have taken on the cut-out dresses trend, designing dresses with holes. Something considered defective previously has now become a fashion trend. Several fashion houses and designers have even followed the cut-out dresses trend by introducing them in their collections for 2022, each different from the other. Some cut-out dresses are subtle, while some have dangerously gone all out. One brand, in particular, took a unique route for the cut-out dresses trend by introducing dresses with massive holes.

An insight into the dresses with massive holes:

Fashion and travel blogger, Fisayo Longe, decided to create dresses with massive holes in them, and we are not complaining, as they look gorgeous. She is the owner and creative director of Kai Collective, a London-based womenswear brand that follows the path of attainable clothing but with luxury aesthetics. Part of their Irun Didi collection, Kai Collective’s selling dresses with massive holes, naming them the ‘Añuli Dress’. They state that Añuli is the embodiment of strength and elegance intertwined, and rightfully so, as everyone who has worn the dress to date embodies just that.

The dress has a bodycon fit that accentuates the curves of every woman beautifully, no matter what body type. Each individual donning the dress has embodied it in a unique manner of their own. Not only dresses, but Kai Collective also has a skirt called the ‘Adanna Skirt’ with the same massive holes. While the dress comes in two colours, the skirt is available in a design with multi colours. To say that these outfits have cut-outs would be an understatement, as the skirt and dresses with massive holes are large enough to fit anything. Kai Collective, as a brand, aspires to create clothing for multi-dimensional women facing feminity in all forms, and their clothing communicates to communities to never accept limitations they may face.

Hero Image Courtesy: Jasmin Julietta Varjonen & Kai Collective Instagram; Featured Image Courtesy: Kai Collective Instagram.

Dhwani Ajmera

Dhwani is an aspiring beauty writer, passionate about makeup since 1999. When not scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration or entertainment, she is binge-watching a new show or rewatching an old one with her all-time favourite company – Asian food and a cup of tea!

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