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When it comes to cool girl and celebrity-approved contemporary labels, there’s no denying that By Far has been on top of most people’s list in recent times.

By Far brand
L-R: Denitsa Bumbarova, Sabina Gyosheva, and Valentina-Ignatova

Founded in 2016 by sisters Valentina Bezuhanova and Sabina Gyosheva and their best friend Denitsa Bumbarova, the Bulgarian label’s aesthetic is a playful nod to the 90s – think shoulder bags and low-heeled mules. Their minimalist and vintage-inspired designs are cool, comfortable, and sustainable, and perhaps the reason why everyone from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Kylie Jenner to the Hadid sisters and Michelle Obama is fans.

Retailing at popular e-tailers like Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi, we caught up with co-founders Valentina to give us more details. 

Who is the By Far muse?

By Far brand

Definitely Rachel Green from the TV show Friends for her indomitable style – preppy, sexy, and 100% covetable. She embodies that laid-back 90s vibe we are so obsessed with. We even named our baguette bag after her after binge-watching Friends over a weekend.

What is your best-selling shoe/bag?

By Far brand

By Far has become the It shoulder bag brand, so the Rachel baguette and the Miranda bag are on the wish-list of every fashion-forward lady. In shoes, we have become known for boot styles such as Sofia and Este, as well as the Tanya two-strap sandal. People fell in love with their simplicity, but we have been experimenting as we want to introduce new cool pieces. So, for Fall 2020, there are some new boot shapes and different silhouettes of strappy sandals.

By Far has gained quite the celebrity following, including Priyanka Chopra. Did social media have a part to play?

By Far brand

Since we are based in Eastern Europe, far from the fashion capitals, we wanted to connect with clients, partners, and people from the industry worldwide and social media was the most natural way to achieve it. Two weeks after we had launched, we were recognised by the British Vogue as their favourite new accessory brand. Since then, it has always been thrilling and surreal to see all these amazing women wear and support By Far.

At our core, we want to create styles that we love and bring back that 90s nostalgia to the everyday life of the modern girl. We believe that By Far would have reached the same popularity even without Instagram, as we had the right product proposition at the right time.

What inspired you to start a sustainable fashion label?

Sustainability has always been of huge importance to us — it has never been a question. We are continually reviewing our supply chain and manufacturing processes to implement environmentally and socially responsible practices in all aspects of the business. We are also optimising our website to make all the information, production, and design processes easily available for customers, as transparency and honesty are key for us.

Where do you source your raw materials from and what kind of materials do you usually use?

We select our suppliers precisely as quality, traditions, and sustainable practices are of great importance to us. To create each piece, we use deadstock leather – essentially left-over leather – and luxurious and delicate silk that comes from the most renowned boutique factories in Italy. Some of our colours are custom-made in Tuscany as we often have the exact idea of what we want. We are always researching new ways to neutralise our carbon footprint.

What tips can you give our readers in how to be more ethical/mindful when it comes to fashion?

Our greatest advice is ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’, and always do the ‘cost per wear’ math. Instead of buying clothes based on impulses and trends, spend money on timeless pieces with a contemporary twist that you will cherish, love, and wear for many seasons.

What is the most important lesson the pandemic crisis has taught you?

By Far brand

To stay united! Everything is possible if we stick together and help each other. We truly hope the events from this year will serve as a cathartic experience, and positive change is on the way.

Another important thing is to stay optimistic and never give up. It sounds like a cliché, but we always repeat this to ourselves, our families, and our team, and it does magic. We are responsible for our future, and together we can create a thriving environment, where we all grow and support one another.

All Images: Courtesy By Far 

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