There’s a shoe saying we love: “If it isn’t brogue, don’t fix it”. Unlike the classic Oxfords, the only pair that allows you to embrace various shades of tan leather and its stitch-works are casual brogues. Having a century-long evolution, the footwear recently saw a huge makeover with a more casual or semi-formal silhouette. Staying true to its leather roots, the new form also gave shoemakers a chance to extend their palette to quirkier colours like maroon, turquoise, and forest green.

Of Scottish and Irish origin, brogues have a true rags-to-riches story. In the early 19th century, rural farmers required footwear with an easy water draining design, an age-old struggle in the occupation of farming. To aid this, a shoe was designed that utilised a ‘pinking’ method, which gave brogues its signature hole silhouette. With the intent of making it stylish, the holes shrunk and became an uptown footwear staple at Derby events and Sunday soirees. All of this, while still maintaining a highly formal shoe design.

Casual brogues today are much more functional and boast a clean white sole. What’s unique about this style is its ability to perfectly blend its classic and formal Oxford cues with a fun, utility-based motive that caters to the needs of urban gents. So how does one wear this style to sartorial perfection? Always opt for an elegant and well-brogued pair that comes with a strong dose of tan or navy blue. Being casual yet smart, this could be paired with either white or colour-contrasting chinos. Depending on the occasion, you can either wear a buttoned-up casual shirt or even throw on a blazer.