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Chitrangada Singh on fashion, food and finding ways to unwind

Chitrangada Singh’s personal style can easily be described as a combination of elegance, effortless silhouettes and evergreen looks. The same is exemplified in her latest collaboration with everyday wear brand, trueBrowns. We catch up with the actor about donning the designer hat, her affinity for colour, and her ability to take on the world in her stride.

The festive season is here, and unfussy is the word that actor Chitrangda Singh would like to associate with her wardrobe. In her exploration for an enthralling yet easy look, she stumbled onto the world of homegrown label, trueBrowns. Her collection for the label picks up the alluring technique of Bandhani and modernises it for the contemporary Indian woman. Titled, Maati, the collection is earthy in essence yet uses luxe fabrics, jewel tone colours, and minimalistic embellishment to create the perfect balance. The actor shares her two bits on this new launch and her gospels of a luxe life.


What’s something you’re most excited about these days?

I am most excited about the new collection of the festive edit of the homegrown label, trueBrowns. This is the first time that I have ever collaborated with the brand and a lot of the pieces I have designed myself. So the fabric, the cut and the colours are something that I have worked on directly with the team. So I’m very excited for the trueBrowns festive collection, Maati.

What’s the one fashion hack you wish you’d known earlier?

So this one I got to know later in life but now, I’ve been using it for a while. I really like to use sunscreen, like a spray in a bottle on my legs to give it the kind of shine that you need. Also, my arms when I’m doing a shoot or if there is a red carpet appearance. The kind of sheen that you get on your legs with a sunscreen spray is beautiful.

What do you do to unwind?

I watch movies. I travel. I just chill. And at times, I write or sketch. Sometimes I do a little bit of charcoal sketching. It really just depends on how much time and what the mood is. Mostly I just end up watching whatever is the latest series. So currently it is the American psychological thriller-horror series, The Outsider as I love investigative kind-of shows.

Chitrangda Singh

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

The most adventurous thing I’ve done is skydiving. I did three solo jumps from 3,500 or 4,500 feet and that for me has been the big one as it was very scary.

What’s your current mood board for a festive look?

When it comes to festive dressing, I don’t like anything which is very heavy or has a lot of work on it. I usually deviate towards stuff which is easy to wear and has colour (much like my TrueBrowns collection). Colour, for me, is a big must-have because if you play with colours it really adds to the look. Fabric is the second thing I always consider when picking a look. To compliment the look, I would usually add a big statement piece and complete it with a bindi and kajal.

What is a trend that you love right now?

I have liked colour blocking for a long time. And currently, I love tone-on-tone like different tones of pink-on-pink or green-on-green. Even pairing it with matching heels as it looks just gorgeous.

What is your favourite post-workout snack?

My favourite post-workout snack is definitely juice. It could be green apple juice with maybe carrots. I also don’t mind just some nuts and cut fruit is also really good fibre and just that little bit of sugar that you need from fruits is great at that moment. Or you could also do boiled eggs if you’re really hungry. I think that’s very good protein.


What keeps you motivated?

I feel very fortunate, honestly. I think I just keep reminding myself of how fortunate I am for the opportunities I have, for where I am, and where I have been placed in life. And I think you just really have to make the most of it. Whether it’s your talent that God has given you and just so much more blessed than a lot of people out there. And just that gratefulness makes me work much harder on myself and I guess just keeps me going.

One piece of clothing you’ve had for the longest time in your wardrobe?

I have some chanderi cotton saris from Calcutta that I haven’t had a chance to wear but I love them. The colours and the work is so pretty and I think I’ve had them for over ten years now so I probably should.


If someone was to go through your handbag what would be the most useful thing and the strangest thing that they would find?

Oh, there will be a lot of useful things like lip balm, hand cream, perfume etc. The strangest thing would be earbuds as I am somebody who just has to clean her ears. If I say, suppose leave the house and I’m taking a shower and I haven’t done it, then it just makes me irritated the whole day. So I always keep my earbuds with me. Also, sometimes you want to clean your eyes or makeup so it comes in handy.


All Images: Chitrangada Singh x trueBrowns. 

Chitrangada Singh on fashion, food and finding ways to unwind

Akshita Nahar Jain

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Akshita Nahar Jain has worked with various publications, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Bride, and Time Out Delhi, and written extensively on fashion and lifestyle. A sucker for alliteration and stylish sitcoms, she enjoys scrolling the web for less travelled destinations.

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