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Designer Kanika Goyal on her third innings at the NYFW, her latest collection and more

After marking 2 successful episodes at the New York Fashion Week, ace Indian designer Kanika Goyal dropped the third episode with a whole new direction this time.

From Milan, Paris, and New York to Mumbai, the fashion police have been taking rounds around these places to plant the seed of the latest trends and stir yet another dialogue in the fashion industry. Apart from all the dramatic/ head-turner moments from these fashion weeks, one aspect that remained constant was the advent of several Indian designers on the global stage. Having said that, Kanika Goyal, an Indian designer who’s known for adding some atypical designs to our wardrobes is one of the perfect examples of Indian designers carving a niche for themselves on the global stage, courtesy of her latest and third showcase at the New York Fashion Week 2023. 

For her third innings at the NYFW 23, sheer silhouettes, shimmery motifs, patchwork, and experimental textures, all of this combined was the memo for ‘Agrestal mind’ her latest collection. Apart from this, the designer sure isn’t ready to stop right here, her latest label- Kilogram is here to dominate our closets even further. Speaking of which, since there was a lot to catch up on, we decided to have an exclusive conversation with Kanika Goyal on the lines of her experience at the NYFW, her new label, and more.

Kanika Goyal
Kanika Goyal

In conversation with ace designer Kanika Goyal

What is the concept behind this new edition ‘Kilogram’? 

We are extremely excited to expand our KGL umbrella and Kilogram is the first brand that we’ve launched under it to reach a wider audience. Kilogram conceptualises a whole new universe k-gram where we question reality and its possibilities; it is a surreal realm where logic itself is dynamic and the limits of imagination ceases to exist. This concept is ever-expanding and evolving consistently and that’s something we communicate with each successive drop to its full extent. We work with easy-to-wear unisex quality basics and imbue them with narrative all while maintaining an effortlessly cool and visually ambiguous street element in the graphic language. A sentiment of exploration and conversational commentary is omnipresent along with a visual juxtaposition of varied graphic techniques. It is fun and effortless and the pieces are in a price bracket of 3000-10,000 INR. Giving a quality product within 48 hours of you placing an order in a seamless/contactless way was a crucial key point for us. We will be dropping 4 capsules a year with a good mix of tees, tracks, hoodies, shackets, and coordinated sets.

How do you think have ‘basics’ evolved over the years? 

It’s definitely been a gradual growth over the years. And it has a lot to do with our mindset and surroundings. Fashion has always existed as a medium to express a personal standpoint. History has shown us that fashion continues to act as a social thermometer of our times, marking the sentiment and taking the temperature of a country or society as a whole. Earlier clothes were defined by gender, which has definitely diminished now. Nowadays, it’s more about fashion being a medium to express one’s mood and personality. It is persuasive all by itself and is an extremely valuable tool in moving through the world, whether social or business. Technology has brought the world closer; people have always dressed to be seen, it’s just that nowadays they are seen on a wider, global scale.


How does Kanika Goyal plan on incorporating her signature style with the whole ‘elevated basics’ concept? 

The use of good fabrics and techniques is something that is extremely crucial for us at Kilogram, a brand that is under the KGL umbrella. We follow the ‘one for all’ approach here whether it’s the recycled, multi-use packaging design or it’s about the gender-fluid pieces that one can share with their partners/family and get more wear out of it while using materials that are far less resource-dependent and have longer lifecycles. We are implementing a circular mindset into every step of our production cycle, right from designing products to helping our customers to care for our products for a longer period of time/wear pieces in multiple ways, and eventually, loop them back into the Circle. As far as the design language is concerned, We tap on a lot of surreal-alien-like, mysterious elements with a euphoric/humorous undertone that transports the user to an altered space/reality which is similar to and is an extension of KGL. We’ve kept the silhouettes minimal and easy to wear and played with the surfaces here. 

What is your favourite piece from the Kilogram universe? 

That’s a tough one! Can’t pick one piece as there are such fun graphics in the collection but in terms of categories, I love tees. I literally live in t-shirts!


How was the whole experience of showcasing your collection ‘Agrestal mind’ at the nyfw, and what was the inspiration for this collection? 

It’s been an incredible journey so far. It’s a completely alternate experience when you are showcasing on a global stage and selling globally. It’s important to constantly study the diverse buying patterns in different markets and be in sync with your own brand ethos and deliver quality products. Innovation and sustainability are at the forefront. And having an experienced team that can translate your vision is extremely crucial too. The mood was an After-rave state of mind. The collection is titled Agrestal Mind. The term Agrestal means growing wild in a cultivated area. We used that metaphorically to represent the bizarre state of mind for our FW 23-24 collection. KGL explores the complexity of thoughts and feelings in its FW ‘23-24 collection- Agrestal Mind, while keeping intact the essence of paradox that runs through the brand’s design ethos. Flowers act as transformative portals; Lines and boundaries pendulate between soft curves and jagged pixel edges while surfaces are supercharged with a rich plethora of textures- both tactile and visual.

How do you feel being the only Indian designer showcasing her collection at the NYFW for a third season?

I feel grateful that we get to showcase our craftsmanship on a global stage and get recognition for that amongst a diverse pool of designers.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Kanika Goyal Label

Designer Kanika Goyal on her third innings at the NYFW, her latest collection and more

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