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Emporio Armani’s Logomania: Arjun Kapoor’s rules of style and new SS19 capsule

As we officially break into Spring-Summer 2019, the indulgence of all matters sartorial shuffle-up to accomodate lightweight clothing that are all about comfort. And as a seasonal highlight of 2019, add a slice of Logomania to your fashion mandate. Over the weekend in Mumbai, Italian luxury fashion Emporio Armani unveiled their exclusive Spring-Summer 2019 capsule with Arjun Kapoor titled, the ‘Emporio Armani Remix’. The classic watermark being Emporio Armani’s Golden Eagle, was reinterpreted as a decorative mark and a symbol of belonging to this new urban generation. Designed for men and women, the ‘Remix’ capsule focuses on Logomania, a minimalist trend that exclusively embraces the brand’s watermark. 

We caught up with brand ambassador and Bollywood’s menswear aficionado, Arjun Kapoor, in Mumbai as we decoded his rules of style and his thoughts on the Emporio Armani Remix capsule.


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On the newly launched Emporio Armani Remix capsule and your association with Armani. 

My association with Emporio Armani goes much beyond just being a brand ambassador. As a consumer, I’ve always had a liking towards the clothes and accessories for many years. It’s just a match made in heaven from my point of view, because as an actor, I can represent this luxury brand. I’m very excited to be a part of logomania, as the ‘Eagle’ is symbolic for Emporio Armani and this collection is simply based on that, I find it simply elegant. 

Your personal rule of style 

Comfort, if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, don’t wear it.


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Three quick style tips for spring summer 19 

I believe my sisters would be better equipped for this question but in all honesty if you’re a guy, stop wearing tight-fitted jeans. Focus on more comfortable and relaxed fitted trousers. Get a nice haircut, it’s great when attracting the opposite sex and for your personal confidence. Don’t let others influence your opinions of style, if you’re comfortable being flashy, be flashy. Own what you wear and don’t be a copy. 

The most timeless menswear details 

Suit, watches and the Bandhgala. I think it’s quite timeless, as I’ve grown up, I’ve always admired the Bandhgala. It looks very classical and chic. 

What fabrics would you recommend wearing in Spring-Summer 2019? 

I feel it when I wear it, I don’t check the fabric label and I’m purely impulsive when it comes to comfort and what feels good. In India, climate plays a major role, and Armani simply focuses on lightweight fabrics which is what we need in such humid weather.


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Tell us about a rule of style that you learnt after becoming a celebrity 

Stop copying, be your own. In the long run, you cannot sustain imitation. Be true to yourself and this is something that happens only when you’re comfortable about yourself. 

While you has been a beacon for fitness and body transformation in Bollywood, it’s a sensitive issue for Indian men who are still working towards the body they want. In that regard, they truly look up to you. Your advice?

I think the first thing is acceptance, you have to accept that you need to work on it. Lots of men are in denial of it. It’s not just a physical point of view in this matter, it’s also a major health factor for a family man or someone who’s working. So firstly, acceptance is important, while working on it is the second step but more importantly enjoy the process. Because this isn’t an overnight goal, it’s a process. A lot of people tend to try it for a month and just give up.

I can assure you, when I lost 50 kilos, I had my bad days, but I didn’t give up. You have to wake up the next morning and believe in yourself. You have to make it a lifestyle, rather than just a productive daily activity, you won’t see instant results. It’s a vicious cycle but in the long run, it’s definitely worth it. 

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Emporio Armani’s Logomania: Arjun Kapoor’s rules of style and new SS19 capsule

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