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Exclusive: Akshay Kumar talks about his newest venture Force IX

When we think of athleticism and power, one superstar comes to mind. Akshay Kumar. He is synonymous to action and strength. Right from the start of his career at the movies, he’s established himself as one of the most disciplined and focussed artistes. Trained in forms of martial arts and constantly upping the fitness game, Akshay Kumar is the one man everyone looks upto when it comes to healthy living and athleticism. 

Akshay Kumar launches Force IX:

Akshay Kumar

With actors becoming entrepreneurs, it was inevitable for Akshay Kumar to make a banging entry into the world of fashion with a clothing line. Force IX, a line of active and lounge wear is the perfect representation of who Akshay Kumar is. Comfortable and cozy, Kumar has gives customers exactly what he’s expect out of a line of activewear. 

We caught up with the actor and entrepreneur to find out more about Force IX and what else is in store for us. Excerpts…

When and why did you decide you want to give a brand like Force IX to your audience?

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for seven years now. On two occasions I was even close to launching my own line but somehow things didn’t work out. I guess the third time’s a charm. Things have a way of working themselves out when they are meant to be. It is much more than just a clothing brand for me. There is also a sense of emotion attached to it hence we’re calling it ‘Force IX – Engineered with Emotion.’ I personally love to wear athleisure clothing because for me comfort tops everything and it’s always on my shopping list. So it got me thinking that we have so much talent in our country, great factories and fabrics are available here. Hence I decided to foray into the world of fashion with Force IX, a brand that offers a range of athleisure wear and much more, totally made in India.

3 words that describe both you and the brand perfectly…

Durable, versatile and comfortable.

If you were to spend the rest of your life in just one outfit, what would it be?

Force IX t-shirt and tracks. The material is so soft to feel, you can sleep in them.

What do you usually shop for the most?

Hoodies and pyjamas (I take pride in my night suits). Watch this space ;)

For a man of your athleticism, what would be the 5 wardrobe essentials for all seasons?

– Track pants with elastic hems of course

– Oversized feel good T Shirts, loose but smart

– Shorts so soft you can’t feel where they begin or end

– Hoodies, all day every day

– Swim shorts for ice baths and summer beach days

Why did you name the brand “Force IX”?

When we talk about force, there’s one Big Force that controls this world, then there’s Mother Nature and thirdly our Armed Forces. My father was in the army, so I’ve always had a soft corner and huge respect for our armed forces. And IX, is my birth date, nine is also my lucky number and the number nine signifies a warrior. So, putting all this together, we’re called Force – IX, engineered with emotion. The USP of Force IX is it draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the armed forces and translates them into new-age sensibilities.

What is your biggest driving force in trying new things in life?

I love traditions, but we are nothing without the want to be new and improved, evolving is all about learning, trying, and braving the unknown. I am nothing if I don’t learn from my elders and my youth, they are the future, I can’t expect anything if I don’t give everything I’ve got.

Exclusive: Akshay Kumar talks about his newest venture Force IX

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