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In the Indian fashion industry, there aren’t many designers who can claim to be creative directors of two different brands. Nimish Shah is one of them.

Nimish Shah

He holds this title for his label Shift as well as for Bhaane, owned and run by entrepreneur Anand Ahuja. Interestingly, both labels were born in 2011: Bhaane in Delhi (before Ahuja began dating wife Sonam Kapoor), and Shift in Mumbai, Shah’s home base where he had returned after studying Product Design at the London College of Fashion, and working at labels like Chloe and Burberry. One of the first Indian designers to be verified by Instagram— back when the ‘blue tick’ feature had just been launched — his aesthetic has remained minimal and focused on quality textiles. Since he joined Bhaane and moved to Delhi towards the end of 2018, he has divided his time between designing ready-to-wear for the brand, and a creating limited line of rugs and candles for Shift.

Lifestyle Asia India spoke to Nimish Shah on his life and learnings during the lockdown and his idea of ‘the good life

What would you call ‘the good life’ as of today?

A healthy, wholesome, rustic, and an inclusive social life. And a vigilant, confident, and welcoming mindset for work-life

How has this idea changed for you over the past three months?

I would say it has matured rather quickly than changed.

Nimish Shah

Anything you have pursued in the past three months to create ‘the good life’ for yourself?

I haven’t still ‘lost the plot’ so to speak – my lifestyle and social activities were never so hyper. I miss seeing people and going to movies. I have started to find some house chores quite therapeutic. I have picked up running, which I now look forward to.

What does a typical ‘good life’ day look like?

It must include a run, meditation, a super productive workday, banter with friends, and an early dinner.


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Summer 2020

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Your ‘good life’ recommendations for the following:

A wellness tip/routine you follow: Dinner before 7:00, and  sunscreen

A fitness routine that has worked for you: Running and meditation

Restaurants you love to order in from: Burgerama

A beauty routine that works for you: Pahadi Local’s Pull (Lake Sediments Salt). It’s too clever.

Places you are looking to travel once you can: Morocco and Paris

Gadgets and apps that make your life easier: Headspace app (teaches you how to breathe, meditate, and live mindfully), and the reverse parking indicator in my car.

What have you started doing about sustainability or environment?

I have started walking a lot more to get around. I have a house compost, and am trying to upcycle my damaged clothes / handing them out appropriately.


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Half pant, long socks is a proper thing now. Catch up. @bhaane #highsummer

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Self-care, self-love – what does this mean to you?

Taking it easy with oneself, slowing the pace, and decluttering

Has the lockdown/pandemic made you reassess your priorities?

Not really, but health is a top priority.


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This is not a nice photo. But we were vibing hard. Happy birthday @masabagupta let’s #followforfollowback 😎

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Is there anyone you would like to emulate, someone you look upto when it comes to living a good life?

I am pathologically incurious. But I admire non-traditionalists and those with a disciplined lifestyle.

What’s your main goal/focus this year in creating a good life?

I want to pick up a hobby that is more hands-on, pottery perhaps. I want to have a regimented reading hour in a day, and have to watch all the movies that have been bookmarked. Also, learn other ways of making pasta.

All images: Courtesy Nimish Shah

Varun Rana

Rana is a freelance fashion journalist. He graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, with a degree in Fashion Design in 2004, and has assisted designers like JJ Valaya, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna, and Gaurav Gupta. Since 2006, he has worked with and written for publications like GQ India, Harper’s Bazaar India, Vogue India, Elle India, the NYT Style blog, The Hindu, Verve, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

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