Heirloom pieces are potent reminders of family traditions. Be it in the form a handloom sari, a vintage jewellery piece or even books, heirloom pieces acquire a status more than just simple gifts. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we asked India’s leading fashion designers/entrepreneurs about the heirloom piece they have inherited from their mothers. 

Samyukta Nair, hotelier and founder, Clove

Image: Courtesy Samyukta Nair
Image: Courtesy Samyukta Nair

“My most favourite heirloom piece from my mother is an antique basra pearl and ruby brooch that she got by her mum. I have the fondest memories of my grandmother wearing it beautifully with her chiffon saris on evenings out; it is a symbol of elegance and old-world charm.”

Anavila Misra, founder and creative director, Anavila

Image: Courtesy Anavila Misra

“There are two: A red Benarasi sari, which she wore for her wedding. There is something magical about it. The colour, the minimalistic motif – it’s almost vintage. And a printed silk sari – I wore that sari wore for a school function when I was in class 4 and is very special.”

Sunaina Khera, co-founder, Sunaina Khera

Image: Courtesy Saaksha & Kinni

“My mother passed down a half-moon necklace that was given to her as a present by my father. I love the sound of wearing something that’s been around longer than I have. It represents their love story, and the fact that I get to wear it every day makes it special. I started wearing it about a year and a half ago and absolutely never take it off. It meant so much to me that I felt compelled to dedicate a collection to this story.

“The second one is not exactly an heirloom. My mother and I recently combined diamonds from our collections and created a very special necklace. It has our initials engraved at the back. The making is new but the stones used are really old. The piece is very close to my heart.”

Aanchal Sagar, Ohfab

Image: Courtesy Ohfab
Aanchal (left) and Akshita Sagar (right) of Ohfab

“My favourite is my mom’s trousseau sari. It’s a delectable handwoven tissue waskat Tanchoi. This weaving technique makes the drape absolutely gorgeous. We love this sari and decided to weave it again.  It is a part of our tissue collection Zar, which is an ode to the heirlooms passed to us by our mother.”

Cecilia Morelli Parikh, co-founder, Le Mill

Image: Courtesy Cecilia Morelli-Parikh
Image: Courtesy Cecilia Morelli-Parikh

“A Givenchy dress from the 80s that I wore for my 18th birthday party, which I still own, love, and cherish.”

Narresh Kukreja, creative director, Shivan & Narresh

Image: Courtesy Shivan & Narresh

“A nearly century-old British era engraved gold coin (1923), which was passed to my mother from my grandfather. The coin sits on my neck today, but hangs towards the back.”

Sasha Grewal, co-founder, Outhouse


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“The heirloom piece inherited from my mother is a maang tikka, and it holds a special space for both Kaabia and me,  as it was the piece she inherited from our grandmother.”

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