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These Indian designers and their festive collections are giving us a head start to the season

The term couture hits differently when it comes to Indian designers, more than fashion it represents the vibrance of the festivities in India. With that said, here we have some of the ace Indian designers ringing in the festive season with their festive collections.

New York, London, Paris and Milan might be the bustling centres of fashion, but Indian designers and their festive collections are here to tap us all into the festive mood board. The international fashion weeks sure have taken over autumn/winter charts, but the season of festivities is right around the corner in India, and designers are ready with their charm as always. When you spot contemporary chic silhouettes alongside the blingy bridal ensembles peeping through the windows of designer studios, you know it’s time for the best of both pret and couture. With that said we decided to list down a few collections from some of India’s finest designers to doll you up for that upcoming wedding or other festivities. 

These festive collections are tapping us right into the festive mood

Ridhi Mehra: The Era

Showstoppers have always been the mainstay for all festive collections, and ace designer Ridhi Mehra pays an ode to these ‘ICONS’ as part of her latest autumn/Winter collection. Just like the models are the life of any runway, like Mehra’s campaign reminisces the good ol’ days with the OG showstoppers, Ridhi Mehra proudly presents The Era, AW 2023 collection. Each piece styled on the OG Showstoppers, Ridhi Mehra beautifully captures their feminine yet bold through modern silhouettes featuring one-of-a-kind pantsuits with trains, opulent lehengas, and signature draped ruffle sarees. Reigning in craft and allure with a power play of drama and glamour, the modern silhouettes spotlight the 3D floral artworks, crystals and beads intertwined with a striking rich and regal palette of ivory, black and gold. 

Geisha Designs: Maristella 

Paras and Shalini’s design ethos never fails to shine out bright while the festive season taps in, and this time the duo is here with an evening wear collection titled ‘Maristella’ which unveils the hidden treasures deep in the sea. From flowy gowns, dramatic ruffles, beaded vests and blouses are all adorned with intricate embroidery in a mixed medium of pearls, crystals, corals, and seashells shimmering under the lights, transporting the wearer into the realm of royal mermaids. Moreover, the sea-inspired motifs infuse a touch of whimsy into the collection. 

Disha Patil x Shivani Bafna: Confluence 

Drawing inspiration from Shivani Bafna’s impeccable style and amalgamating it with the brand’s artistic designs, Disha Patil curates her latest collection titled: ‘Confluence’. The collection features a wide array of ensembles like draped saris, choli-paired pants, lehengas, sharara sets, and more. The pieces are made in a way so that they can be cherished and restyled for years. The colour scheme effortlessly transitions from serene pastels to vibrant ceremonial hues. Mirroring Disha’s signature focus on layering, the “Tree of Life” serves as the collection’s recurring motif, interwoven into a seamless blend of textures and textiles.

Payal Singhal: ‘Modern Mughals’ 

festive collections
Payal Singhal

Bagging one of the top tier spots in terms of some of the finest Indian designers, Payal Singhal quite recently opened the doors to her latest flagship store at Dhan Mill, in New Delhi alongside giving us a peep into her latest festive collection. Apart from the gorgeous store, Singhal’s latest collections like all the others are inspired by the beauty of art and paintings. From her Spring/Summer to the resort wear, both collections perfectly complement the brand’s core values. While the former is all about exuding opulence, the latter seems to throw more tropical vibes. All in all both collections are equal parts elegant and edgy! 

Mrunalini Rao 

Speaking of festive collections, replicating the traditional richness of India, Mrinalini Rao’s latest collection is all about embodying the artistry of hand-crafted surfaces, reflecting careful craftsmanship. In a heartfelt tribute to the skilled craftsmen and their remarkable art, the collection emerges as an exquisite fusion of timeless pieces. These silhouettes are adorned with vibrant resham, badla, pearl, and zardozi hand embroideries, each thread an ode to mastery and poetic expression. The selection features designs meticulously crafted on pure silk, raw silk, matka silk, and organza fabrics, elevating the tactile experience.

Sawan Gandhi: Emerge

Step into the world of glamour with Sawan Gandhi’s latest collection ‘EMERGE’. Experience the evolution of elegance as the designer brings forth a collection that embraces grace and serenity. With a captivating interplay of pulsating colours, and versatile vibrance, the ombré effect transcends the ordinary and becomes a masterpiece. The Morden interpretation of traditional essence shines through in a meticulously detailed collection. These ensembles are made for glitz, glamour and festive after-hours.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Mrunalini Rao 

These Indian designers and their festive collections are giving us a head start to the season

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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