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As the year’s greatest night for music and it’s revered artists was upon us last weekend, it also marks our calendar as a night of pure style extravagance. The flamboyant red carpet this year did deliver a few icons – be it quirky or classic. From the Grammys 2020, we’ve kept inventory of the men who made the biggest style statements and the ones pushing menswear forward while hitting the right notes.

Shawn Mendes

Embracing our favorite suit shade of the year at the Grammys 2020, Shawn struts a thick-lapel three-piece suit that proves why burgundy deserves the spotlight. Super sleek and sharply cut, if you’re looking to have a slim fit suit stitched, here’s some inspo.


Cowboy hats were a trend nobody wanted to see go mainstream in 2019, but well. Today, making a red carpet statement by music producer and DJ, Diplo, this overall silhouette is great for quirky accessorizing and flaunting some bling.

Tyler, The Creator

Tyler’s certainly hit a different chord at the Grammys 2020. Dressed as an Italian express steward in soft pink and a trunk to match his attire, it was definitely quirky yet the most eye-catching fit in the room.

John Legend

Hands down, Chrissy and John were the classiest couple we saw this year. While the red carpet is all about being flamboyant and being bold, a note of simple elegance will never fail to impress. John, strutting a gray long coat with an interesting touch or layering towards the end, was definitely something new to see.

Trevor Noah

What really caught our eye, is the rose gold Rolex on Trevor’s wrist. But otherwise, his textured metallic blazer is no slouch either. What makes this piece unique is how it’s actually a cross between a suit and a tux. The play of satin, the soft detailing on its collar and the bowtie, makes for some serious boulevardier appeal.

Lil Nas X

Feel free to caption this abstract Grammys 2020 look. The hot pink and the consistent burst of gold from top to bottom, was really a stand out. Being a country rap icon, Lil Nas X had to embrace the aesthetic of old-school cowboys yet with a splash of haute fashion.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are serial well-dressers be it the red carpet, on-stage or even an exotic beach destination. At the Grammys 2020, they flexed pieces from Ermenegildo Zegna. When it comes to strutting formalwear with a touch of casual details, the three brothers always ace this right.


Another great burgundy silhouette worn by a Hollywood style icon. Common wearing a clean cut suit that’s been stitched to perfection and paired with a crisp shirt to match the colour of the suit. Adding a clean lapel pin to the mix, this makes for a great silhouette for simple elegance.

Conor McGregor

We’ve already explained why Conor is a real king of strutting suits when he’s not in the ring. After his big UFC win and comeback, he made an appearance at the Grammys 2020 red carpet wearing a printed floral blazer and brilliantly cut beige pants.

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