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”Eyes are the windows to the soul”, a popular and rather self-explanatory idiom can easily be linked to the latest window display at the Hermès store at The Chanakya, New Delhi, for two reasons. Not only does the window design represent Hermès’ 2019 theme of ‘In Pursuit of Dreams’, it is also the first time the French luxury brand has collaborated with an Indian artist. Sumakshi Singh has created a magical set up – 3D spaces, ornate embroideries, and LED fireflies and sculptures that bring the collection to life.

hermes window display

Singh has woven vivid memories of dreamscapes in her ‘Pages from a Dream Journal’, using her characteristic handcrafted style. The installations are ethereal, crafted for an immersive experience that introduces viewers to the world of Hermès. Floating floras made with white thread and wire, a canoe gliding through the serene waters, a bird in mid-flight, and objects in suspended animation – the fall-winter collection sits pretty amidst these.

window display by sumakshi singh

Hermes’ collaboration with Sumakshi Singh consists of three displays. The first one is Equestrian Mettisage, a wood and organza canoe with the iconic Hermès scarf. The second display, Solar Energy, exhibits Hermès’ fashion accessories such as enamel cuffs. In the third display, H Story, white blossoms and a surreal stairway steal the show. Different accessories such as teacups, the Picotin bag, a leather cravache, Torsade sandals, and the Galop d’Hermès perfume bottle are spread across the display.

window display sumakshi singh hermes

”’In Pursuit of Dreams’ is not so much the following of the path to set a future goal but rather a continuous staying in the present tense, which feels more like tapping into an energy current and riding that current with awareness – open to receive whatever it manifests,” says Sumakshi Singh about her display for Hermès.

exceptional hermes window

However, this is not the first time that Hermès has created otherworldly window displays. Most legendary ones of this decade include Tunisian artist Leïla Menchari’s enchanting work for the Maison Hermès flagship store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore and artist Luca Nichetto’s ‘Pure Imagination’ for the Hermès boutique on San Marco Square in Venice.

‘Pages from a Dream Journal’ will be on display till January 10, 2020 at the Hermès store at The Chanakya, New Delhi.

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