Are there days when you’re highly motivated to workout and those when you can’t do a single burpee? Does the space and weather affect your mood during a fitness regime? If so, read up more about colour therapy and how it can be used to enhance your home workout.

The idea of using colours to enhance your mood isn’t new. It has been known to have its roots in the ancient civilisations of India, China and Egypt. In fact, it is said that ancients Egyptians used coloured glass solarium rooms for therapeutic purposes. Colour therapy or chromotherapy treats mental and physical ailments by using light and colour, and balancing the body’s energy centres. This idea stems from Indian knowledge about chakras or highly concentrated energy points located in all major organs and connected to your spine. Each of these chakras energises the said organs and their balance activates healing.

Taking this ancient knowledge into play, behavioural psychologists have inferred that the light (from reflection of colours) enters the body from the eyes and skins, travels via neurological pathways to the pineal gland in the brand, which in turns affects our mind, body and emotions.

To summarise, the colours you wear and see around you can have a positive or negative impact on your home workouthome workout. So as we all stay home, and look for that little ounce of motivation to get us through a workout, why not employ these mood enhancing tactics to get that extra push.


Image courtesy: Pokaba
Image courtesy: Pokaba

The colour red is said to be responsible for both motivational and aggressive behaviours. Use this colour to enhance and strengthen your home workout. Mix the hue with white if you wish to add a little stability and balance to it.
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Myriad Activewear
Image courtesy: Myriad Activewear

The power of red combined with the friendliness of yellow, orange clothes are great mood boosters. They work as positive reinforcers and generate enthusiasm when it comes to workouts.
Shop: Myriad Activewear’s printed swing hoodie (Rs 3,000) that is both a classic and eclectic choice with its cross body tie-up detail. Pair it with single tone leggings to tone down the high colour therapy impact.



Image courtesy: Flirtatious

If you’re looking for stability and consistency in your home workout, then blue is your go-to hue for colour therapy. It also encourages you to achieve your workout goals and stick to a routine.
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Image courtesy: Kica Activewear

The colour of nature, green, has a calming effect on the body. As a sign of growth, it creates a relaxing aura around your workout and helps in stress relief.
Shop: Kica Activewear neon and beige set (Rs 1,425) consists of joggers and tie-up top is made with wide-knit mesh and is ideal for a laidback workout. 



Tuna Active
Image courtesy: Tuna Active

The colour of calm and yoga, pink helps you achieve peace and poise. Suitable for low intensity workouts, the colour emits a sense of love and care which is good if you’re helping a friend with a partner workout.
Shop: Tuna Active’s pink set (Rs 3,150) with a fanny print hoodie t-shirt and black legging with pink stripe set is a good style for a pilates session.  

Akshita Nahar Jain
Sr Associate Editor
Akshita Nahar Jain has worked with various publications, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Bride, and Time Out Delhi, and written extensively on fashion and lifestyle. A sucker for alliteration and shows with more style than script, she enjoys scrolling the web for less travelled destinations.
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