The indoors might not be as great as the outdoors, but they are surely comfy. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been practising social distancing, but for many of us, the work hasn’t stopped. And while you are still up for those video conferencing calls, looking presentable will still earn you some brownie points. Here’s how to look stylish for video calls.

Right now, there are three kinds of people in the professional gallery: Those couching in loungewear, those wearing a lot less makeup, and those that have called it quits on certain items of clothing altogether.

Designed for those occasions when you do have to get social and show your face online through Zoom, Teams, or Skype, there’s an art to dressing from the waist up. After all, people can only see half of you on the screen. You could be a business discussion on the top and a not-so-much-business party on the bottom. Hey, at least you put on a shirt?

Jokingly and not really jokingly, here we’ve put together our cheekiest selections to look stylish for video calls. Minimize the risk and maximise presentability with these inspirational ideas. Proceed at your own naked risk.

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