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Delhi based label Huemn’s genre-defying creations have tapped into the zeitgeist for almost a decade now. If you are familiar with their oeuvre, an almost layered sense of design entwined with the late American-German poet and author Charles Bukowski’s philosophy emerges. His realism and transgressive fiction have been a cue for a variety of Huemn’s prints and embroideries.

Huemn’s ode to Bukowski goes back to their initial years when lines inspired much of their design process culminating in a collection inspired by the late writer, in the Fall of 2014. They acquired an iconic photo of Bukowski for the collection, shot in 1981 for Oui magazine, an American publication, by Mark Hanauer. Needless to say, it is one of the most popular images of the writer online today.

As an ode to the writer’s 100th birthday, Pranav Kirti Mishra and Shyma Shetty, the duo behind Huemn launched a limited edition of white t-shirts featuring the iconic Bukowski portrait on August 16th, 2020. This product was a white t-shirt with the portrait and some graphic detail, in a classic HUEMN oversized, unisex silhouette; sold out almost immediately. In continuation, chapter 2 of the t-shirt drops coming Sunday.

Similar in shape and sizing, it is a black t-shirt with hand-drawn details (printed to look like colored chalk) hand-drawn by co-founder Misra, with rubber printed details and an excerpt from a Bukowski poem at the back-

“a single dog

walking alone on a hot sidewalk of


appears to have the power

of ten thousand gods.

 why is this?”

“Bukowski as an artist has influenced me immensely. The second chapter is my personal take on him, how I imagine him through my lens” says Pranav Kirti Mishra ” Besides this Bacon’s slaughterhouse also became a strong point of reference for me. So the sketch (on the t-shirt) that you will see on Sunday is a culmination of all those nuances and ideas.” Huemn’s take on fashion stems from an interdisciplinary approach, therefore Bukowski’s words and Bacon’s aesthetic creat a perfect concoction for Mishra.


From reading Like A Flower In The Rain by Bukowski to interpreting Bacon’s philosophy via various intricate design elements to seeking ideas/inspiration even from his daily life, Mishra extracts nuances that reflect on the inevitability of pain among other emotions. “Everyone experiences them but processes them in their own way,” he says.

The label is rolling out a limited number of t-shirts again, and to feed the demand, they have for the first time got two retail points on board as well; and all three channels HUEMN, Vegnonveg, and Capsul. 

All Images: Courtesy Huemn

Anupam Dabral
Sr. Associate Editor
It was while studying fashion journalism at London College of Fashion that Anupam developed a keen interest in the anthropological aspect of the discipline; for him, fashion only makes sense when seen in the context of its environment. He is always on the hunt for great stories, and in his spare time binge-watches films/shows starring Whoopi Goldberg, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.