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Class and content: Shooting the breeze with Rasna Bhasin about her journey in the digital space

She’s not your typical fashionista, neither is she here for the number game. Her content speaks of her personality and her ideologies take her one step closer to being one of the most celebrated creators on the internet. She is none other than Rasna Bhasin! From shunning the tag of being an ‘influencer’, to carving a noteworthy niche for herself, here is Rasna Bhasin spilling the tea on her journey and her sartorial choices.

Content creators are moving a step closer to digital domination, one reel at a time and one such creator emerging distinct from the rest of the pact is Rasna Bhasin. The one who started with an aim to be a designer followed by being the youngest digital editor for Harper’s Bazaar Bride is now a well-known content creator today. From collaborating with high-end brands like Gucci and Hèrmes to being known for her assorted fashion aesthete, Rasna Bhasin knows how to make the most out of her knack for digital media. We’ve seen her at a perpetual war with the Instagram algorithm and shunning the ‘influencer’ tag as she belongs to a totally different school of thought when it comes to dominating the digital platform. 

She is no stranger to ditching the cliche social media fads and adopting an impactful and clean slate for her Instagram feed. So, if you’re looking for some game-changing fashion inspiration, finding new reads to add to your shelves, or some motivational quotes to start your day with, then Rasna Bhasin’s Instagram feed is here to stir your souls. Furthermore, to have a deeper insight into her dynamic career we decided to catch her candid in an exclusive tète-a-tète and know all about her multi-hyphenate personality. 


Rasna Bhasin lets us in on her journey up so far…

How did you know that fashion was your calling?

I know it might sound strange but I never ever wanted to be anything else but a fashion designer. I think the first time I heard that term was in reference to Ritu Beri and then pondering over magazines – if you asked 5yr old Rasna or 15yr old Rasna the answer was Fashion Designer. Only once I got closer to university I realised that other aspects of the industry interested me more and that’s when I decided to pursue my undergrad in Fashion Media and Communications.

Since you’re not a big fan of being labeled as an influencer, how would you describe your personality and your role in the fashion industry?

For me personally, influencer is a largely used term without realising the power the single word carries. You never know who influences you or vice versa. I agree that today a lot of us hold the power to influence a purchase decision of our audience but it’s not foolproof. While there are a number of great influencers and the industry is expanding by the minute, I do have to say, for me it was an extension of what I pursued as an education and career. I started as a features intern at Harpers Bazaar India and went on to become the Digital Editor at Harpers Bazaar Bride India and then Brides Today India

My formative years were spent in fashion editorial and I take great pride in being one of the first few to take it online. Even today content creation for me comes from a bit of an editorial point of view than just following TikTok trends. I might have a smaller niche audience but it’s been a pleasure and both a learning experience to build it and interact with them. I would eventually like to go back behind the scenes while keeping a presence online.

Rasna Bhasin

3 things Rasna Bhasin can’t live without…

Her phone
Friends and family

What would you say is your crowning achievement so far?

Not many know but I was approached by Vogue for a huge role in 2021, and interviewed with Anna Wintour. It was both a surreal experience and honour. It also helped me validate myself. I didn’t end up getting the job but just the fact that she considered me, reached out, and took out time to interview me and interact with me over the few months remains a personal achievement. For me, she’s literally the first woman of fashion – semi goddess and I’m a huge fan when I met her last year on her trip to India and the fact that she remembered who I was  – that is a moment I shall never forget. Also being the youngest digital editor for a leading fashion magazine and kickstarting their digital journey comes a close second.

Has the Instagram algorithm made a negative impact on the industry? And what are three things you would want to change about the it?

The algorithm and I are at perpetual war. I really don’t understand it anymore and I don’t really let it affect me. I tried adapting to trends to see if it would bring in a change but giving into the algorithm trends also meant compromising who I was. I have been extremely lucky that brands work with me for the quality of my content and the audience that reciprocates.

What I would like to change about the algorithm is that Instagram was an artists medium where we all were accepted for who we were – photographers for their photographs, videographers for their motion creations, and so on. Now with this crazy pressure of turning everything into video content. I feel it’s quite disappointing and unfair to those who excel on other mediums. I still like the good old photography era and wished that along with the main chronological feed to be back. I wish we were less posey and more real!


What is your mantra for dealing with trolls and naysayers?

Honestly, as strange as it might sound I barely get trolled. There are times when I have made some blunders and been called out for it but otherwise, it’s been quiet for me. Though I always say just block them. You don’t need the negativity from faceless trolls who aren’t even courageous enough to use their real identity online – and if you’re in the wrong it won’t make you smaller if you just accept, apologise and learn from your mistakes and do better.

A designer whose work inspires you the most?

There are so so many – I’m a huge fan of Marc Jacobs, Dhruv Kapoor, Tarun Tahiliani, and Anthony Vaccarello to name a few.

You’re also an avid reader, so tell us a few reads currently on your list…

Reading keeps me sane. It’s something that I’m grateful for. Currently as cliche as it sounds I’m reading Spare by Prince Harry. I read a lot of fiction and mix it up with a bit of autobiography and biographies. Some books that are on my shelf and I plan to read are The Book of Everlasting Things by Aanchal Malhotra, We all want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman and Getting Lost by Annie Ernaux. Some books that I absolutely loved last year include Check Out 19 by Claire Louise Bennet, A Visible Man by Edward Enninful, Immediate Family by Ashley Nelson Levy, and Unsung by Arunoday Singh to name a few!


Any words of wisdom for the young and aspiring content creators out there?

Be honest, be creative, don’t follow trends blindly, and don’t just be all about numbers whether it’s the number of likes or the money you make. We are supposed to be creatives showing the world who we really are instead of pretending to be what we think the world wants to see! And be kind, just always be kind!

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Rasnabhasin/IG

Class and content: Shooting the breeze with Rasna Bhasin about her journey in the digital space

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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