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Kanika Goyal’s cool and crisp silhouettes took over NYFW again

Sticking to her norm-breaking and fluid approach towards fashion, Kanika Goyal comes back at the New York Fashion Week with yet another stunning collection and adds the extra to those ordinary silhouettes. 

Indian designers are always one to make a statement, and Kanika Goyal’s showcase at the New York Fashion Week was enough proof of the same. Being an alumni of the Parsons School of Design gives Goyal yet another reason to resonate with the city and think of it as much more than just a bustling centre of fashion. Since New York is one of the cities to set the mood board for every season, likewise after 3 successful innings, Kanika Goyal is back at the NYFW to drop yet another series of fine and structured silhouettes. Known for always thinking out of the box, KGL is a label that is ‘bold, provocative and euphoric’ and appeals to cosmopolitan mindsets. “We are not afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of fashion. We believe that fashion should be fun and exciting, and we love to make a statement. We constantly challenge the status quo and make people think. We believe that fashion should be a form of self-expression, and we want our clothes to empower people to feel confident and beautiful” says Kanika. 

Kanika Goyal

Kanika Goyal on her global presence, her latest collection at the NYFW and more

Being a homegrown label, KGL has carved a notable niche and is appreciated by the masses not just in India but internationally too. Kanika Goyal’s design ethos runs along the lines of representing the intricate craft of India, but in an unconventional way and through a vivid display of bold prints and motifs that indeed appeal to the masses. “The brand targets consumers who have a cosmopolitan mindset. The consumers are well-traveled, culturally aware, and appreciate quality, exclusivity, craftsmanship and heritage. They are in their late 20s to late 50s. This demographic tends to have established careers and higher levels of disposable income. I believe that our customer (both international and domestic) is very receptive to our craft and unique way of creating things. Our designs embody high-quality Indian craftsmanship and are modern and contemporary at the same time. This fusion of traditional and modern elements appeals to a wide range of customers.” adds the designer. 

KGL’s latest showcase at the NYFW was high on prints with a perfect play of chaos and order peeping through those textures and clam hues. Giving us further insight into her vision and mood board behind her collection Goyal adds “The “Aether Leak” collection delves into the intriguing space between the tangible and the intangible. Envision a cosmic dance-off where the familiar mingles with the mystical. This collection draws its creative impetus from the interplay of light and shadow, the hazy realms of the unknown, and the transcendental link between gods and mortals. The colour palette gracefully transitions from the brief haze of dusty pastels to the deep, mysterious shades of the universe, ranging from dusty, muted hues to iridescent, infinite shades that mirror the transition from earthly haziness to the clarity of divine domains. The motifs represent the fleeting moments, the potential for transformation, and the delicate interplay between chaos and order. Airy fabrics drape like a celestial mist, allowing wearers to embody the nebulous beauty of distant realms. Structured garments incorporate metallic embellishments, emulating the luminous dust particles suspended in the realms of creation.” 


Homegrown labels like KGL are steering the wheel of Indian fashion in a more inclusive direction. From fluidity in gender to inclusivity in designs, India is one of the top-tier destinations for fashionistas today. “Indian fashion has come a long way in recent years. In the past, Indian fashion was largely influenced by Western trends, but today, there is a growing appreciation for traditional Indian designs and fabrics. This is due in part to the work of homegrown labels like ours, which are committed to promoting Indian culture and heritage through fashion but in a non-conventional way. We are also helping to create a more inclusive fashion industry, where everyone can feel represented. We have a rich cultural heritage, a talented workforce, and a growing domestic market. With the right support, Indian fashion can become a major player in the global fashion industry” says Kanika Goyal. 

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Kanika Goyal 

Kanika Goyal’s cool and crisp silhouettes took over NYFW again

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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