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Luxury on display: Janhvi and Kareena Kapoor’s Goyard Tote bag costs a whopping INR 1.5 lakh

Luxury comes with a hefty price tag and that’s not new. Janhvi Kapoor’s love for her Goyard tote bag isn’t either. While she has been spotted with the piece of monochrome opulence earlier, Kareena Kapoor has joined the bandwagon too. Both the actors were spotted at the airport, flaunting their expensive Maison Goyard Saint Louis tote bag on respective occasions and here’s all you need to know about the bag.

Both Kareena Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor were spotted in summer staples, channeling the mood this season with their tote bags. Even though they were separated by their sartorial choices, their choice of accessory was what connected them and got us intrigued. We all love a good designer handbag, don’t we? And if it is worth this much money, we would want to grab front row seats to a ‘know all about’ session.

All about the Goyard Tote Bag: Price and more

A Bollywood favourite, Goyard Saint Louis has been the go-to bag brand for many celebrities. While it creates a striking monochrome statement, it doesn’t come easy on the pocket. With a price tag of INR 1.5 lakh, this bag is surely a fit for Bollywood A-listers.

History of Maison Goyard

Maison Goyard has been the flagbearer of a heritage of excellence. A Parisian brand dating back to Pierre-François Martin’s Maison Martin in 1792 as the brand behind the heritage, it specialised in box-making, trunk-making, and was way ahead of his time. Martin left a mark in the dainty art of garment folding and packing, rather than the container itself.

Goyard Tote Bag
Image: Courtesy Maison Goyard

François Goyard was later hired in 1845 as an apprentice, who was trained at the exceptional hands of Martin himself. It was in 1852 when Goyard took over and changed the name of the brand to Maison Goyard.

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What makes this bag so special?

The bag carried by Janhvi Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor is one of the classics, the Grey and Black Goyard St. Louis Tote, a product of impeccable construction and artistic design. This bag is made from and then hand-painted on their exclusive canvas known as Goyardine.

This bag with chevron patterns is available in a number of colours. With an open-top style and a spacious interior, it is a great option for travelling. The brand has designed the bags with the combination of elegance and practicality, making sure the bags last a long time.

Hero Image: Courtesy Instagram; Featured Image: Courtesy Maison Goyard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the price of Goyard Saint Louis?

Answer: The price of a Goyard Saint Louis in India is around INR 1.5 lakh.

Question: How much is a real Goyard tote bag?

Answer: A Goyard tote bag can cost between USD1,200 (INR 99,222.60) and USD 2,500 (INR 2 lakh approx.) and up. Your final cost will depend on the color, design and any customizing you choose

Question: Why are Goyard tote bags so expensive?

Answer: Goyard bags are expensive because they're exclusive. Only a few Goyard bags are produced each year and are sold in just a few selected stores worldwide.

Question: Is Goyard Tote waterproof?

Answer: Made of natural resin, these bags confers ideal characteristics, making them light, soft, sturdy, water-resistant and long-lasting.

Luxury on display: Janhvi and Kareena Kapoor’s Goyard Tote bag costs a whopping INR 1.5 lakh

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