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Longchamp releases its first ever sneaker collection, the Freeminder

News of sneaker releases don’t just come from sportswear giants anymore — the fashion world is pretty much invested in it as well. French fashion label Longchamp has recently hopped onto the bandwagon with the release of its first ever sneaker collection, the Freeminder.

A pair of sneakers that can be worn anywhere, during any occasion, and matches well with anything in your closet will automatically become a fashion favourite. The Freeminder sneaker is designed to do all of the above and perhaps more. It’s the perfect balance between chic and street, featuring a chunky, wedge-shaped outsole with an elegant and sophisticated upper. Longchamp replaced the norm and basic shoelaces with a silver-toned toggle, referencing the house’s iconic bamboo. Look underneath the sole and you’ll spot the iconic Longchamp racehorse.

The sneaker is one carefully considered and meticulously crafted, but it doesn’t mean that you’re limited to just that style. The Longchamp Freeminder comes in an array of colourways and fabrics. Among them includes a graphic black-and-white combination of python and crocodile-print calfskin and a soft blue and beige suede complemented with python-styled patchwork. For those who don’t fancy colour, an all-white sneaker will also be available.

The Longchamp Freeminder sneaker collection will soon be in India, we are waiting with bated breath.

Longchamp releases its first ever sneaker collection, the Freeminder

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