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The internet is filled with round-ups of best-dressed men on the red carpet. What really makes them immaculate and well-dressed? Is it the stylists they work with or just individual style that sets them apart? Or is it adherence to a certain code of style that they follow that’s not just simple but also mistake-proof? Whether it’s a celebrity or the boy next door, dressing up always comes with a rulebook of basics that need to be followed. Be it the mismatching of leathers, pairing wrong colours or simply staying under dressed, it’s all about balance and attention to detail. If you are a discerning man who consistently wants to perfect his style silhouette, then paying attention to these mistakes will set you apart. To assist you in your pursuit for menswear excellence, we’ve listed 5 men’s style mistakes you could bury in 2019 and begin the next decade with an elevated sense of style.

Overusing logomania in your wardrobe

The summer of 2019 highlighted the simple yet bold trend of logomania that took the international luxury menswear market by storm. It was all about brand logos being strategically and sequentially placed together. What’s important to remember that while we love flaunting a brand badge on our clothing, it needs to also compliment the style silhouette without looking cluttered or flamboyant. That means, no big buckles, logos on shoes and a larger-than-life brand name on your polo shirt – it’s about accentuating one label if you have to and keeping the rest, rather subtle and simple.

Wearing scuffed, scratched leather

One of the silliest style mistakes men make with leather is failing to periodically regulate it. We have a misconception that leather looks better as it ages, just like a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, leather is always meant to be worn polished and scratch-free, be it your brogues, belts or handbags. We’d suggest investing in a brand like Berluti or Roush that offer clean-up and repair post-purchase services. Another least recommended option if you’d like to take matters in your own hands is surface smoothening followed by a quick-dry cream polisher.

Misjudging the length and width of your tie

Who would have thought a tiny detail like this could make such a drastic style difference? Ties are undeniably a statement accessory so it’s crucial to pick and wear it right. It varies in terms of body structure and shoulder broadness. They both need to be in proportion with the width of your tie. Apart from this, different types of collars also compliment different types of ties. In the case of length, your tie needs to cut off just above your trouser’s belt loop, not an inch higher or lower.

Wearing ill-fitted blazers

We’d usually advocate indulging in bespoke blazers but if it isn’t an option, we also have a checklist of things to look out for when shopping for one. It’s a cardinal style sin to wear any piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you right. As an essential in the wardrobe of the modern man, you can’t go wrong with blazers. So what should you really look for? Firstly, where the upper button is placed. It’s meant to be right above your gut. Next, how it wraps around your chest while buttoning, it defines the entire fit of your blazer. Third, the way it cuts off your shoulder. Fourth and the final, the length. Pay attention to where it cuts off on your sleeve.

Misunderstanding the hem break

Hem break men's formal wear

Menswear and formalwear increasingly lean towards slimmer and definitive fits. The ‘proper’ pants length or hem break is now a matter of personal style including the suit’s overall aesthetic and structure. There are a few details and scales to consider while figuring out which hem break suits you best. We’ve decoded this in our hem break guide. Based strictly on formalwear instead of casual cuts.

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