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LSA Dressiquette: Find out which top men’s eyewear trend of 2019 suits you best

The original idea for eyewear dates back to ancient Rome, when Emperor Nero thought he’d enjoy watching outdoor gladiator events with the help of an emerald to protect his eyes from the sun. Centuries later, sunglasses have evolved from being a thing of utility to an everyday style essential. The indulgence of sunglasses today is binary affair – either one embraces the classics or is experimental with futuristic silhouettes. We break down the top men’s eyewear trends of 2019 and tell you which one works the best for you.  

The Top Bar 

top bar sunglasses men

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Top bar sunglasses aren’t subtle or pared-back – they’re sunglasses designed to be seen. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Essentially a bolder version of the very first aviator design, the top bar is meant for men who embrace a slightly quirky taste in style. The edges could be square, which are great for squaring up oval faces, or round, for easing down a well structured face. Be particular about how thick you’d like the bar to be, too much could make your face appear.

Our top brands for top bar sunglasses: Chopard & Porsche

We love:

The Round 90s  

round sunglasses men

For the lovers of all things retro, this style comes in tons of shades. As its most prominent silhouette, the classic round frame became iconic with John Lennon, Ozzy Osborne, and Elton John, and made an Indian style debut with Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and other admirers of rock and pop culture wearing it recently. Dealing with shades like these can be a tricky affair, they need to be the right lens size and suit mostly just long, oval, or diamond face shapes. It’s all about balancing out the rounds and the edges. On the plus side, it gives you the leeway to indulge in different tints and colours. 

Our top brands for rounded shades: Ray Bans & Gucci

Geometric Frames
Hexogonal geometric sunglasses
Hexagonal geometric sunglasses

Our top pick for simple elegance today: Geometric sunglasses. Essentially an oblong pentagonal lens, the geometric style silhouette made its debut last year and has been a major Bollywood eyewear sensation for both men and women like Shah Rukh Khan, Victoria Becham and Kendall Jenner. Since the corners here are moderately edgy, we’d say this style would suit men with particularly long or oval faces. It’s a perfect balance of rounds and edges, which opens it up for men with round as well as square face shapes. Get creative with lens tints and nose bridges with this one. 

Our top brands for geometric shades: Prada & Arise Collective

The Round Steampunks

To be honest, the entire eyewear gig comes with no rules. If you’re confident, you can pull off any style silhouette. As a sanctum for lovers of all things quirky and pop fiction, the Steampunk shades has been this year’s hottest new trend. With a unique Blade Runner-esque design, we’d say this style suits men with a chiselled jawline and cheek bones, an absolute no-go for those with round or oval structure. Get funky with this trend, this isn’t a place where you need to worry about playing it safe. 

Our top pick: Carrera & John Jacobs

The Timeless Clubmasters 

The most timeless trend on this list and one of Ray Ban’s best, after the aviators. The upper frame bar acts as a neutraliser for those who have wider jaws or even circular ones too. We’d highly recommend bearded men to indulge in this trend, especially those with longer beard styles. The Clubmasters are classic and work well with business casuals as well as leisure attire. The upper frame bar also offers a range of textures and design silhouettes for men who’d like to explore more creative frames. 

Out top picks for Clubmasters: Tom Ford Rayban

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