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Meet the Asian artists that are giving a creative spin to the iconic Lady Dior bags

The sixth edition of Lady Dior Art allows contemporary artists to present and portray their vast influences onto the iconic Lady Dior bags.

Named after Princess Diana, the Lady Dior is truly one of the most extraordinary bag. It might have earned the moniker after frequent appearances on the British princess’ arms but it’s virtue lies in the exceptional savoir-faire, meticulous design and the premise that it’s manage to reinvent itself constantly. This modern legend is now getting an artistic makeover with the sixth edition of the Lady Dior Art. An periodic art and fashion collaboration where artists get a free reign to interpret the iconic bag.

Last year, we saw Indian contemporary artist, Bharti Kher explored the idea of culture and identity through her work using bindis (polka dots) on the Lady Dior bags. While, this year we are missing an Indian represent for this ingenious collaboration, we are excited to explore the world of art via Dior’s chosen milieu of 12 contemporary artists.

Provided with a carte blanche canvas of the quilted Lady Dior bag, the artists are free to showcase their unique style and influences. Post the artists interpretations, the one-of-a-kind bags are meticulously crafted by the French ateliers with delicate Dior charms and touches.

Curious about the Asian artists who have collaborated for the sixth edition of Lady Dior Art, then read on.

Who: Manal Aldowayan
Where: Saudi Arabia
Why: The contemporary artist is best known for her installation with floating birds, ‘Suspended Together’ which she displayed at the Barjeel Art Foundation in 2011 that talks about notions of freedom. From photography to installation, her works critiques the role of women in Saudi society.


Who: GigiSue
Where: South Korea
Why: From painting, drawing, installation to video, Korean visual artist Gigisue uses her art to uncover patriarchal issues in South Korea. Mixing personal experiences with political statements, she questions societal norms through her vivid artworks.


Who: Zhang Huan
Where: China
Why: Shanghai and New York based artist, Zhang Huan is mainly known for her provocative performance art works using his naked body but he also dabbles with sculpture and painting.


Who: Yukimasa Ida
Where: Japan
Why: Tokyo based artist Yukimasa Ida’s work is ruled by abstract realism where he uses distorted figurines and an unusual mix of colour to create futuristic paintings. He uses his art to raise existential questions and create converations about realities.


Who: Daisukhe Ohba
Where: Japan
Why: Another Japanese contemporary artist that has us excited for the Lady Dior Art’s sixth edition is Daisukhe Ohba. While typically Ohba creates landcape paintings and large-scale artworks, he creates his signature abstract paintings of nature on this fashionable forum.


Who: Li Songsong
Where: China
Why: Renowed Chinese artist, Li Songsong reinterprets found imagery with thick layers and shades to create paintings that appear three dimensional. A lot of his imagery is drawn from pop culture and common history.


Header and Featured Image: Courtesy Zhang Huan Instagram. All Other Images: Courtesy Dior.

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