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7 style lessons to learn from the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, Michael B Jordan

People magazine has announced 2020’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ — Michael B Jordan. And here are a few style lessons you could adopt from him.

If you’ve watched Creed or Black Panther, you’d know how fit Jordan is. And the fact that Jordan uses that to build his style quotient is evident in his off-duty appearances. So it’s no surprise that People magazine has bestowed the annual honour on him this year. “It’s a cool feeling. You know, everybody always made that joke, like, ‘Mike, this is the one thing you’re probably not going to get.’ But it’s a good club to be a part of,” says Jordan. But the truth is, the man’s an artist when it comes to style. Be it retro fits or contemporary style, there are definitely pointers we can take from MJ.

Michael B. Jordan
Image: Courtesy Michael B Jordan Instagram

The stay-at-home comfy code

We’ve all spent the majority of 2020 in one of two places — our living rooms or our bedrooms. And both don’t demand sartorial attention. Yet, Jordan shows the right way of doing it. Keeping up with the comfy-yet-cool code, linen and lightweight cottons are the fabrics to go for. Wear an open-button shirt and an easy T-shirt — it’s a great way to layer light.

Michael B. Jordan

When in doubt, trust the black T-shirt

They say one can never go wrong with a staple black T-shirt and a pair of dark denims — all style veterans will agree that it is the uniform of ‘classic cool’. Michael B Jordan believes that too. The key to pulling this off is in the fit. Notice how the T-shirt cuts off on his shoulders, wraps around his neck, and is well-fitted? Ask any celebrity what makes them confident – the answer is comfort.

Michael B. Jordan

There’s nothing like ‘black leather jackets only’

It’s understandable if you are inclined towards black leather jackets — we only have the entire heritage of Hollywood, biker culture, and every ‘bad boy’ celebrity to blame. However, there’s more to its colour spectrum. Burgundy, navy, or even olive green are interesting colours to experiment with. Jordan picked out a beautiful burgundy piece, which he wore over a simple black tee. Effortlessly stylish.

Michael B. Jordan

The play of checks, subtle yet vital

Wearing checkered prints can always be tricky for a man – which one, what colour, what occasion, and what piece of clothing? The easiest way of going check-mate is by sticking to the basics, the classics. Jordan picks an olive green, heavy-duty woollen tartan jacket.

Michael B. Jordan

Never shy away from colours

‘Going with the safer option’ is a common expression in men’s dressing. However, traditional gender norms no longer exist is fashion, which in turn has allowed the expanding of the colour palettes men can experiment with. Take a look at the picture above — how boldly Michael B Jordan rocks that pink suit! High fashion houses are often the best when you’re looking for suits in playful colours. You’d be surprised that there’s more for you than just the mundane black, grey, and brown.

Michael B. Jordan

Style is in the details

Upon close inspection, you’ll notice that two factors of this suit contribute towards its suave. First, the smooth satin, and second, the embroidery. If it weren’t for the embroidery and detailing, it would’ve been just another shiny suit out of a 90s wardrobe. It’s the playful details that make it a head-turner.

Never forget the good ol’ turtleneck

Winter’s coming, and it’s the season of turtlenecks. However, be careful with how you style your turtleneck. Going  old-school, is, well old. Michael B Jordan keeps cool with a bold red suit worn over a black turtleneck. We’d recommend accessorising a bit — maybe a thin silver or gold chain.

All images: Courtesy Michael B Jordan/Instagram & Getty Images

7 style lessons to learn from the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, Michael B Jordan

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