Chennai-based fashion influencer, Pavitra Sagar aka the Style Muze on the building blocks of a capsule wardrobe.

Pavitra Sagar, better known online as the Style Muze, is one of Chennai’s most popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers. But, prior to amassing a sizeable following on her page, she’s always been an influencer with an eye for style. She is the co-founder of The Funky Fish Pop-Up: an online shopping portal, well-known for its curated pop-ups across four cities in India. Pavitra is also a co-founder of Kairos Home, an online website with a thoughtful, chic selection of home décor products. Style Muze is just one of her more recent ventures. With years of experience in the world of fashion, Pavitra Sagar has finessed the game, offering her services as a styling & wardrobe consultant under the Style Muze brand. We “virtually” sat down with Pavitra Sagar to understand the passion behind her go-getter attitude, approach to dressing, and thoughts on the buzzword – sustainable fashion.

How would you describe your approach to fashion and style?

I have an extremely relaxed approach to styling myself. I never force myself to blindly follow trends and I always follow my gut (crazy how underrated that can be). Basically, I wear what I like. The key is to be confident and own your personal style.

Pavitra Sagar
Dress: Mini Closet, Belt: Cult Gaia

How has this idea evolved over time?

I’ve always leaned towards classic cuts and styles, but the confidence to experiment with different looks probably came with age. It helped me realise that I want to dress, feel, and look good for myself.

What sort of aesthetic do you bend towards?

I like keeping it minimal, elegant, and love classics. Take that and add an ‘oomph’ or glam factor to it. That would be my kind of style. It’s easy to follow and yet, so personal.

Pavitra Sagar
Top: Asos, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Maison Margiela

Your 3 top style rules that have worked for you?

Well, first, don’t ever over accessorise, unless you’re a 100% sure about it. Two, when in doubt, stick to classic silhouettes. And three, a great blow dry makes up for a bad outfit day!

What are brands that you know you can depend on, Indian and international?

Here’s a list of Indian brands I love: Pero, Dhruv Kapoor, Sureena Chowdhari, Bobo Calcutta and The Jodi Life. I love what they’re bringing to Indian fashion and still, each one has a sense of strong individuality, modernity, and are guided by our roots. In terms of international brands, I really like Alexander McQueen, Zimmerman, Johanna Ortiz, and Self Portrait. They’re all so different, but have keen aesthetics that really stand out to me. It’s the perfect mix of classic with a wow factor. I love to include a good mix of classic styles with a few eccentric pieces. The only criteria is comfort, good tailoring, and great quality.

Pavitra Sagar
Blazer: Balmain, Drape: Richa Khemka

Whose style are you most influenced by and why?

Honestly, no one in particular. But, I do like to watch fashion week and love street style looks. It’s nice to see amazing, even everyday women, pull off different prints or silhouettes and make it look great.

For someone looking to discover or find their own style, what are your words of advice?

I would say pick your personal style off of something that you feel naturally confident and comfortable in. Build from there. Stick to classic styles, if you’re confused, and add just one or two statement accessories. You can never go wrong with that!

Pavitra Sagar
Bodysuit: Zara, Jumpsuit: Ajio, Skirt belt: Dressable, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

What are the building blocks of a good wardrobe and what should one definitely have in their wardrobes?

It’s a list, are you ready? That would be:
1. A crisp white shirt
2. A well-tailored blazer
3. Jeans that flatter your body type
4. High-waist black trousers
5. A simple, well stitched salwar suit in a pretty print & good fabric
6. A classic sheath dress

Sustainabity is a big topic of conversation these days. Is there an approach you have adopted towards this?

Honestly, it’s something that I’ve always adhered to. But it just so happened that I acknowledged and understood the concept better post the pandemic. I have always believed in buying fewer pieces, but of superior quality. All the accessories that I don’t use as much are sold on a thrift store or donated to friends or family who will find good use for it. My daughter, who is 9, uses most of my clothes that I’ve bought 15-20 years ago, till this day. The idea of reuse and recycling is not a buzzword for me. It’s a mentality of not living an excess life.

Pavitra Sagar
Top: Sameer Madan, Skirt: Asos, Bag: Rafe New York, Shoes: Maison Margiela

What are some stores and e-commerce sites you shop from?

That would be Asos, Zara, Shopbop, Moda Operandi, and Matches Fashion.

Your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

Some of my favourites are my Zimmerman dresses, everyday-casual dresses from Pause, my Dhruv Kapoor denim jacket, a 431-88 by Shweta Kapur gold cape, and a classic black gown from Roberto Cavalli. Add to that, my Balmain blazers & a couple Frankie Shop muscle tees.

Pavitra Sagar
Pantsuit: Zara, Shirt: House of Three, Shoes: Aquazurra

Do you think style and fashion play a larger role in today’s world?

I definitely think they do. Like they say dress the part, and it’s easier to walk the walk. That applies to so many things.

When it comes to your fashion choices, is there something that you are looking to change or develop over time?

Nothing that I can think of right now. I like to study trends and fashion as I go.

If you’re spending or indulging in something more major, what would it be?

It’s handbags, shoes, watches, jewelry, all of that. Who doesn’t love that? But, I usually go with my gut. If I feel it’s something that I love, is a worthy investment, and I can afford, then I’ll go for it. I want to be able to say that I still love the piece after, say, five or ten years!

Devanshi Kapadia

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