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With their every new collection, Shyma Shetty and Pranav Kirti Mishra of Huemn stir up a conversation on subjects often considered taboo. Be it building a strong narrative around gender identities or exploring aspects of multiculturalism, their pieces capture the zeitgeist. Their latest collection is a homage to the youth of Kashmir and focuses on elements of the bountiful, conflict-ridden state. There are embroideries inspired by photographs, and experiments fusing rubber and wool. All in all, the new line is a reflection of their commitment to details.

As the designer duo gets ready for their runway show day after, Pranav Kirti Mishra spoke to Lifestyle Asia on what makes their latest collection one-of-a-kind.  


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What’s the story behind the collection? 

Every collection is a self-discovery for us. We never try to push a hidden meaning through a collection – whatever we create is an outcome of an experience. As creative individuals, we are trying to understand society in a much better way. Our latest collection is a blend of different elements. For example, we are exploring the growing sneaker culture, which is very urbane. On the other hand, we have embroideries depicting picturesque rural landscapes, especially from Srinagar. So, our collection is placed somewhere between these two contrasts.  

Pranav Kirti Mishra and Shyma Shetty
Pranav Kirti Mishra and Shyma Shetty. Image: Courtesy Huemn
Key highlights? 

In the past, we have worked with leather and fleece but industrial rubber is something that I am finding very interesting to work with. And its application on fabric is coming out to be very new and fresh. Besides that, we have invested a lot of time in creating surfaces. Once again we have converted photographs into embroideries – the process is time-consuming but the results are beautiful. In terms of materials besides threads and beads, we are using wool too. Our embroideries are collages of a number of photographs narrating different tales. 

In terms of silhouettes, we have oversized dresses; I like the way they fall on the body and fit perfectly in the genre of athleisure. I will say fashion is at an interesting stage – it’s hard for you to go wrong as there is space for something very fitted and for something overtly oversized too.

Image: Courtesy Huemn

What sets the collection apart? 

Our embroideries this season have come out to be beautiful. We are converting photographs into embroidery; this was one of the highlights of our work at Pitti Uomo as well, and we got a great response. Each piece has taken three-five weeks to finish. We are trying to invest a lot of time on surfaces. Everything is intricately done but is kept close to our street inspired aesthetic. 


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Hero pieces?

Oversized dresses are a big part of our latest lineup. In particular, there is a dress with a fully embroidered front, featuring a picturesque mountain landscape. We have used machine embroidery and patchwork to bring together two sides of fleece. Exploiting so many elements together in one dress was a bit of a challenge, but the final product is exquisite. 

We have also tried to explore wool as a material – the kind of brushed feel it has goes very well with the leather. The two very different materials have been used in some of the pieces in the lineup. 

Besides this, it is our second season with Reebok. They are a great team to work with. With increased interest in the market, everyone is investing so much design energy into shoes. We are displaying three of their new models which are brilliant. 

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