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Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2020 collection was about looking back at the Indian crafts, celebrating the craftsmen, and creating employment in the post-COVID-19 fashionscape.

As the world adapts to the new normal, technology seems to define fashion’s latest happenings around the globe. With what would have been the biggest gathering of fashion insiders in Paris, due to COVID-19, was swapped with digital presentations. Even though some of the world’s biggest labels ditched the runways, their commitment to impeccable craftsmanship peeked through their creations. India’s Rahul Mishra who recently joined the haute couture calendar showcased his Couture Fall 2020 collection Butterfly People, last night.

You can always count on the ace Indian couturier for some exquisite fashion moments, and last night he delivered the same with his 13 pieces. Staying true to his signature, he looped in a blitzkrieg of colours; 3D embroideries giving flowers, birds, and every aspect of nature a charming rendition. Think beautiful, light capes peppered with orange and red embroidered flowers, floor-grazing gowns featuring dragon flys in blues and greys, and day dresses with ponds depicted in striking greens and oranges. Besides this, facemasks featuring embroidered flamingos and butterflies in pink and black, captured the post-pandemic zeitgeist.

Image: Courtesy Rahul Mishra

The short film created in collaboration with Hormis Antony Tharakan opened with the lines ‘Just living is not enough said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a flower’ by Hans Christian Andersen. They poignantly led on the message that Mishra has always tried to convey through his creations about nature and its conservation.

Image: Courture Rahul Mishra Instagram

With the concept of sustainability expected to be rewired, some of the biggest labels are now focussing on slow fashion. Think collectibles that last forever, featuring intricate handiwork that can double as art- couture still stands close to its essence. The lockdown laid the trail for a much cleaner environment, clearer skies, and many birds and butterflies, that Mishra admits not to have seen before; all became a part of the ace couturier’s mood board.

Image: Courtesy Rahul Mishra
Image: Courtesy Rahul Mishra

Mishra while acknowledging the value of Indian craftsmanship says, “Why do we need to have yet another beautiful outfit when people are collectively stressed about the pandemic. Using couture as an idea to give work to craft people, to be able to utilize their skills, and employ them became far more meaningful.”

He admits that in the post-COVID-19 market unfortunately marred with unemployment, couture with purpose can be a streak of hope.

The collection is now available at Rahul Mishra‘s website.

Anupam Dabral
Sr. Associate Editor
It was while studying fashion journalism at London College of Fashion that Anupam developed a keen interest in the anthropological aspect of the discipline; for him, fashion only makes sense when seen in the context of its environment. He is always on the hunt for great stories, and in his spare time binge-watches films/shows starring Whoopi Goldberg, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.