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Sabyasachi Mukherjee on modern heirlooms and current trends in bridal wear

The modern Indian bride or groom is often met with the challenge of managing a traditional silhouette complete with OTT embroideries and ornate details while balancing personal style that works on minimalistic cuts and wearable fabrics. It’s an art not many can master, but there’s one Indian designer who was set on a one-track-mission to raise the bar in this regard, and it’s none other than Sabyasachi. His latest bridal campaigns are a beautiful ode for nostalgia. Of contemporary style and sophistication that speak volumes of his prowess and his talent in creating timeless designs that are both effortless, but also intimate. While his bridal collections are already a hit among women, what with the likes of Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra rocking them to perfection, his attention to grooms wear is yet another success story altogether. These highly acclaimed collections have been pushing the limits in traditional wear with newer silhouettes, beautiful embroideries and minimalistic yet effective cuts. A feat very few can achieve.


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Dedicating 20 years of his life to the process, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the hardest designers in the country to pin down for a comment. With the LFS Conclave, the revered annual conference held by FAD International in full swing, we managed to sneak in a quick chat with the master of weaves on what makes his groomswear and bridalwear a force to reckon with.


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Which core factors helped you create these beautiful silhouettes for grooms and brides alike? What makes Sabyasachi a timeless label?

I believe in traditions and values that work for our customers. Consistency and clarity of thought has created a brand that you see today. Like I always say, Iconicism is only created through reputation. It’s about creating a timeless, classic tradition that you should be willing to work on year after year. Showcasing it consistently and never altering the essential DNA of what you have created as a belief system in the mind of your consumer. These core factors have worked for me. 


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According to you, what are the biggest trends in grooms wear & bridal wear we should look out for this year? 

When you wear a Sabyasachi outfit years from now, it should still resonate, still stay trendy. The label is about nostalgia, it should stay relevant year after year. The bridal lehenga or sari has to still look fabulous when you show your grandkids in the future. That’s how we work. A Sabyasachi piece is nothing short of an heirloom.

In menswear, opt for a black suit that fits all occasions and for an Indian wear option, don’t look beyond an ivory sherwani. As far as bridal wear is concerned, I reccommend that you wear a piece that best resonates with your culture, your roots, your heritage. Classics that work for everyone? A red lehenga, a Benarasi blouse or a Kanjeevaram saree. Tradition can ever go out of style, fashion can enhance it and when one wears it with their individuality, it’s a timeless look that will stay contemporary every year. 


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What does it really take for an aspiring fashion designer or creator to make a mark in today’s industry? 

Fashion is not a complicated business, it’s easy to interpret if you are on the right path. The first thing one needs to understand is that – people are not really paying you for just another product, they are buying into your belief system, your ideals and what you stand for. So stay true to who you are and it will just be a matter of time until the world believes in you. 

Tell us a bit about the LFS Conclave and why mentoring new designers excites you?

LFS Conclave is a conference held by the professional luxury fashion and modern design academy, FAD International, to mentor a new-age wave of young designers and artists to achieve their goal and find their signature style. This is my first time here and I think it is wonderful that we as an industry came together in support of young designers. India has a very strong emerging talent scene and one should be able to help in their own capacity to make sure that these young people reach out to greener pastures within and outside India. 

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Sabyasachi Mukherjee on modern heirlooms and current trends in bridal wear

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