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Grandma chic redefined, thanks to these senior style sensations

If you thought contemporary fashion was all about millennial-approved moments and trends, think again. There is a league of senior style icons that are leading their own game. From experimenting with a blitzkrieg of striking hues to slipping into straight-of-the-runway pieces that could give Kim K a run for her money, this army of senior fashion icons is here, challenging fashion’s ageist stereotypes. 

Here are some of our favourite senior style icons.

Baddie Winkle

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Baddie Winkle Instagram

Scrolling through Baddie Winkle’s Instagram, it’s hard to miss the plethora of funkiness that the Internet’s favourite grandma evokes. With a loyal following of 3.7 million, tuned in for her eccentric outfits and quirky sense of humour. Baddie radiates a confidence that will convince you to strut out wearing blinding colours without hesitation. Bold and unabashedly herself, this 92-year old truly embodies that age is just a number.

Isa Austen

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Isa Austen

Need a good dose of theatrical glamour? Look no further than Isa Austen’s artistic renditions of classic silhouettes. This fashion innovator uses a variety of mediums to incorporate an oomph factor to her ensembles. Bored with the ordinary tulle skirt? Pin some paper tulips on it. Can’t find an appropriate bracelet? Grab duct tape as a substitute.

Lyn Slater

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater’s street-style looks, unfiltered conversations around authenticity, and passion for slow fashion go hand-in-hand. Through encouraging thought-provoking dialogues with her audience, such as ‘what are your clothes saying about you’ or ‘what’s your hopeful colour’ – this New-Yorker chronicles a stimulating narrative that goes beyond the confines of trends.

Daphne Selfe

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Daphne Selfe

The world’s oldest professional model at 92-years-old, Daphne Selfe’s off-duty looks are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Curating a chic leopard print moment or donning a graceful fascinator with complementing dainty jewellery, the Britain-based supermodel carries polar opposite looks with consistent domination.

Lance Walsh

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Lance Walsh

Fruit vendor by day and streetwear icon by night, 60-year-old Lance Walsh juggles both in head-to-toe Supreme. The Londoner has been collecting coveted items from the cult label for ages, and his go-to favourites aren’t hard to guess. Calling all ‘hypebeasts’ and Supreme devotees, take cues from Lance’s effortless combinations that often include long-sleeved tees worn with a vibrant puffer jacket and a beanie.

Sarah Jane Adams

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Sarah Jane Adams

Antique dealer, jewellery collector, and wearer of all things bizarre, Sarah Jane Adams’ interests are as diverse as the clashing prints you would spot on her. Think camouflage-patterned jacket against an animal print dress or a checked shirt paired with a whimsical floral skirt. ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ blues aren’t applicable to Sarah.

Judith Boyd

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Judith Boyd

Millinery connoisseur Judith Boyd doesn’t do casual. The 77-year-old has an impressive vintage collection of hooded capes, exquisite silk jackets, and hats galore. Former co-owner of a hat shop in the 80s, it comes as no surprise that Judith’s penchant for this particular accessory is a timeless love affair. No outfit is complete without the appropriate headgear – style lesson of the day is served.

Debra Rapoport

Senior style icons
Image: Courtesy Debra Rapoport

In the age of minimalism, more is seldom an appealing dressing philosophy. Meet 75-year-old Debra Rapoport who proves otherwise with an extraordinary talent of upcycling the unexciting. Hats created with repurposed plastic lids, toilet paper roll turned cuff, or neckpiece that was once a bath brush– when it comes to concocting wearable art from mundane objects, the sky is the limit for Debra.

Avani Thakkar

Avani is a freelance writer, content creator and fashion marketing graduate from London College of Fashion. Living in colour and chaos, she’s always on the lookout for a fascinating book or K-drama to spend the weekend obsessing over. Avani has worked with Sandro Paris and ELLE India in the past.