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In conversation with Shweta Kapur on adding that contemporary ease to fashion

That urge to dress up in comfortable silhouettes and infuse ease with style is what is shaping the domain of fashion lately, and designers like Shweta Kapur know how to add that ease to their silhouettes. 431-88 by Shweta Kapur is a label that curates comfortable clothing with a chic and contemporary twist to it.

Couture sure is seen as a mainstay for Indian fashion, but contemporary silhouettes are gradually making their way up that ladder, and labels like 431-88 top the list in that category. 431-88 is a label that runs around classics and follows the ethos of comfort and ease, infused with chic and elegant designs. Shweta Kapur’s childhood hunt for comfortable clothes is what lured her into curating a label that aims to find luxury in the ordinary. 431-88 is a love letter to the modern Indian woman who tends to find comfort and class in fashion, both at the same time. Amidst the several trends and fads taking rounds on social platforms, Kapur’s designs swear by self-expression and offer a wide array of silhouettes for every independent woman out there. Let’s just say if smart, intelligent and unconventional is the mood board for your wardrobe, then 431-88 is here to take your sartorial choices a notch above. 

Further elaborating on the vision and philosophy of the brand, we have Shweta Kapur giving us a brief into her journey. 

Modern women swear by 431-88 by Shweta Kapur for their wardrobes: 

Tell us about yourself as a designer, what designs and aesthetics are you inclined towards

A well-put-together outfit with a sense of ease which makes a statement is how I would describe my personal style. My brand is merely a reflection of that, where our aesthetics gravitate towards modern femininity and contemporary ease which can be seen from our smart designs and structured clothing in our classic pre-draped saris and elegant cocktail dresses to chic co-ords and staple yet smart shirts.

Shweta Kapur

How does your journey as a woman and as a designer reflect in your label?

I firmly believe that fashion is influenced by culture and acts as a covert means of expressing who we are to one another. As a child, I was on a constant hunt for comfortable clothes that were also flattering. The inspiration ignited from all the women around me, where I used to look at traditional wear as being more of a responsibility than being an accessory. 10 years back, saw the inclination of the designers towards bridal and couture wear, and it is here that I realised the need to bring in a new-fangled approach to our clothes, making it a go-to preference for all women.

What is the philosophy of 431-88 and how do you think your designs are a cut above the rest?

431-88 transcends cliches and conventions through its sartorial statements around conventions that define women. As for the designs, our audience has always loved the fit and the sturdy nature of our outfits and even today, these remain our core expertise which distinguishes us from the rest.


How does the brand explore contemporary fusions to find luxury in its silhouettes?

The brand draws inspiration from culture and Western silhouettes, weaving the two to create a perfect blend of intricate handcrafted designs. Sophistication, elegance and exclusivity is luxury to me.

How do your designs combine the aspects of femininity and sensuality?

When it comes to combining femininity and sensuality in my clothes, I often choose to use softer and flowy fabrics, and flattering silhouettes with a more structured tailoring. The focus obviously also remains on plunging necklines or maybe high slits to add a touch of sensuality. For me, it is the perfect balance to celebrate both aspects and make effortless statement pieces.

Shweta Kapur
Shweta Kapur

How does the brand reinvent self-expression?

The brand reinvents self-expression by offering pieces that can be styled in different ways, advocating the ideas of a fresh mind that embraces individuality and freedom.

What’s next for the label? What are some new aspects you would want to incorporate?

I can’t disclose many details at the moment, but I’m definitely enthusiastic about an upcoming project that I’ve been eager to pursue for a while. Additionally, 431-88 will be making a return to the runway after a considerable hiatus. Overall, there are several new initiatives planned for the upcoming months, and we’ll be sharing more information with you very soon.

Hero Image: Courtesy 431-88 Featured Image: Courtesy Shweta Kapur 

In conversation with Shweta Kapur on adding that contemporary ease to fashion

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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