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Millennials, you can learn a thing or two from Anil Kapoor’s style game

If you’re one of those keeping track of Bollywood’s current style roster, you would notice that most gents acing the game are in their roaring twenties or early thirties. But apart from these young icons who inspire millions of style enthusiasts across the country, Anil Kapoor, though generation older, is still a definitive figure in Bollywood and a has a command in menswear today.

Proving to be a master of every style silhouette, Anil Kapoor, even at age 63, has perhaps been the most graceful and stylishly aging actor in Bollywood today. Be it winter layering, the codes of formal-wear or radical the hues of streetstyle, Kapoor is proof that simple elegance can make a bold statement too. Even though his 29-year-old son, Harshvardhan Kapoor is a connoisseur in style in his generation, Anil has still been timelessly revered. If you’re a gentleman of similar taste in style, we’ve listed out a few menswear cues from Anil Kapoor you could take note of.

Going dark with the art of layering

When it comes to the art of layering, Anil has always had an inclination towards the darker end of the palette. In this picture, he’s paired a heavily quilted/puffer jacket from Moncler with an HM turtleneck and trousers, all black. To add to the mix, we’d like to see a steel strapped watch on his wrist and biker boots too, for a rugged yet sporty look.

Styled by Abhilasha Devnani.

Subtle can be bold too

Texture-play is a huge theme in menswear today. However, when playing with textures, finishes and even embroidery, it’s important to balance out and look and have the attention fixed onto the detailing rather than it being spread out. Anil is strutting an elegant Rohit Bal piece here in creamy white and paired with classic round sunnies.

Styled by Abhilasha Devnani and Meagan Concessio.

Pinstripes over checks

We already predicted that 2020 will be taken over by a parade of pinstripes and Anil Kapoor most certainly agrees. This classic monochromatic double-breasted suit brings out the actor’s discerning taste in fashion. Pairing this with a pink turtleneck for a subtle pop of colour and an over-sized long-coat, also makes for a very European style statement.

Fusion dressing, but only with staples

When it comes to the art of fusion dressing, it’s always a bit of a gamble and you might find more wrong answers than right. Call it safe of sensible, we agree with Anil’s take on this. Playing strictly with classic and subtle silhouettes and an easy-on-the-eye colour-play.

Styled by Abhilasha Devnani.

When in doubt, indulge in pastel hues

We really liked this everyday casual look Anil sported on a winter day. It’s easy, chic and effortless. To deconstruct this look, he’s wearing a grey tee from Track and Field, a light blue jacket and some slim denims. He completed the look with a style staple of white sneakers by adidas.

Styled by Abhilasha Devnani.

How good grooming an be an incentive to your look

This picture broke the internet in 2016, but it comes with a timeless rule that’s credible till date. While your suit and shoes might be sharp and all cleaned up, you need to also pay attention to personal details. Having a freshly cut head of hair and a well trimmed beard can add more definition to your look. Tell me you wouldn’t want to look as sharp as Anil Kapoor in this picture.

Streetstyle can be semi-casual too

Anil has always amazed us by how he can ace a formal silhouette as well as a junkie streetstyle look with such ease. However, in this look, he managed to pull off both. With an Abraham & Thakore shirt, he’s paired this with Dior trousers and some Asics runners. It’s smart, functional and effortlessly chic, just like the man himself.

Styled by Abhilasha Devnani.

There’s really no age to be a sneakerhead

Just another reason why we love Anil Kapoor, he’s a sneaker head even at the age of a grandpa! We’ll thanks to his son-in-law, Anand Ahuja and his son, Harshvardhan, who are both sneakerheads too, he’ll never fall short of shoe supply. In this picture, he’s strutting a pair of adidas runners and a monotoned pastel suit by Bodice. Pure class.

Styled by Abhilasha Devnani.

All Images: AnilSKapoor/Instagram

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