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In conversation with Sunaina Khera on being her own Instagram model and conquering couture

Wondering who’s the maestro behind those shimmery ensembles popping up on your gram? Well, that is Sunaina Khera for you! With the latest take on fashion, the designer lets us in on her vision, approach, and inspiration for her label.

Taking fashion a notch higher, designer Sunaina Khera is all about adding a dash of elegance into the domain of traditional ensembles. From exquisite designs, rich silhouettes, and a daunting colour palette to intricacy at its best, all of this rightly spells out Sunaina Khera and her designs. Established in 2019, Sunaina Khera’s occasion-wear label masters in adding the glam quotient to one’s vision of bridal wear. Furthermore, Khera embarked on this journey not just to change the face of bridal wear, but to bring dreamy outfits to reality. The diverse range of her feminine silhouettes and the intricate detailing are what makes her designs stand out.

From putting her heart and soul to quite efficiently modelling for her own designs, Sunaina Khera sure made her mark in the industry. The ace designer treasures her label as her companion and curates a vibrant range of shimmery lehengas, exquisite indo-westerns, 3D sarees, and much more. From ‘I want a hot bachelorette look’ to ‘my dreamy wedding lehenga’ Khera’s designs sure cater to all your needs. So, since the designer’s all over the gram these days and has successfully infused her sassy and graceful craft in our wardrobes, we decided to catch up with her and gain some insights about her vision, her inspiration, and her versatile range of ensembles.

An insightful tête-à-tête with designer Sunaina Khera

Sunaina Khera designs

To begin with, since the domain of bridal wear is going a notch higher with every season nowadays, what is the vision that you wish to take forward with your designs?

See, bridal wear is very tricky, particularly the main day outfit, and that’s something that I wish to crack. So my take on bridal wear is that 100% less is more because you end up standing out a lot more because if you look at brides in general they all end up looking if not the same, very similar.

There’s a similar kind of hairstyle happening, similar kind of jewellery, similar kind of outfits. So, you know, there’s a very little personality that comes through, and that’s something that I wish to work on.  A lot of people are opting for a simpler look, and if I were getting married tomorrow, I would pick something simpler, something that makes a stronger statement than something that’s been around forever. So that’s my take on it.

Nowadays, many designers showcase their collections with elaborate shoots, but with you, we’ve seen that you quite efficiently model for your own designs. So when did you take that decision?

That has actually been a life-changing decision for me because I was never one to model in my own clothes and post that on social media, and I love taking pictures, but I would only share that on my personal account. So when COVID hit, I suddenly ran out of stuff to post on Instagram, sales had come to a halt, and everything came to a standstill. And I just remember back then, thinking, why don’t I just wear one of my own outfits and put up a few pictures and let’s see how it goes, and that happened.

I just remember my Instagram blowing up and I was getting a lot of inquiries. I was starting to sell more, I was suddenly breaking even, turning a profit, and I was like, this has been a secret weapon that I haven’t used. So, it turned into a very exciting opportunity. But I don’t plan to do this forever.

Sunaina Khera Designs
Sunaina Khera

So we’ve seen that your designs are all over the gram nowadays, and we’ve seen that you have a huge range of color palettes, so what inspires your color palettes?

So I’ll be very honest, before COVID we didn’t have this kind of a variety of colors at all. Even if you look at our gram and go down a couple of years, it’s relatively neutral and you’ll see a lot of blacks and whites and like softer colours. But I remember, during COVID, we were pulled towards brighter colours. I think they just seemed more hopeful. I just didn’t feel like wearing black, everything was anyway so somber and so depressing that I liked the idea of brighter colors so, that has played a huge role in us doing brighter and bolder colors.

So what would you say are three key elements that you focus on while curating your designs, keeping the gen-Z brides in mind?

I think what really helps the younger brides connect with me is that I’m young myself. I’m kind of their peer so, we have interesting conversations. When they come to me, they discuss their outfits with me like a friend, and I don’t think they can have this kind of comfort when they’re going to an older guy for example. So I think that kind of connection really plays an important part in my design process. It’s like I’m in their head, I know what they’re looking for.

They want to look sexy, they want to look classy, and I think I’m a good mix of both. So, they come and they’re always like trying to get their neckline lower and I’m always the bridge between moms and the brides or like the moms-in-law and the brides. Apart from that I just feel that there is space being made for something a bit younger and I feel like I am there to fill that gap.

Sustainability seems to be a huge topic of concern nowadays. So how have you adopted this approach toward your brand?

How we work on it is that we don’t make more than one piece for a sample, and we don’t create excess inventory. We only make something again if we get an order, and I think that is a great way to sort of become a bit more sustainable, you’re not creating excess, nothing is going to waste.


Tell us about your collaboration with the pret label- Dohr. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of pret, but I obviously didn’t have the infrastructure, it takes a whole other kind of team and whole other kind of marketing experience to sell it and to make it successful. I’ve always admired the concept from a distance, but never really dared to get into it. So when my friend asked me to partner with him at Dohr on the project, my first instinct was to just say, no, because this is not my area. But after a lot of conversations and a lot of deliberations, we finally came to terms that this is happening. It’s been exciting,  it’s also a learning experience for me.

What kind of aesthetic do you bend towards?

Honestly, my aesthetic is very mood-based. There are days when I like an all-black outfit, and then there are days when I like very colorful outfits. So I don’t really like to be defined. I don’t want to get into a box, because I want to try new things. I don’t want to dress the same way that I’m dressing now, two years later. I want my style to sort of evolve and change with the times.

Do you think style and fashion play an important role in today’s era?

I think it definitely should, which is why I am focused on bridal wear, which is one of the big reasons I am trying to shift the needle even by like a centimeter, that you know nobody’s style comes through. I don’t know who you are if I look at your bridal outfit, you look like everybody else. And it’s your main day, shouldn’t your personality come through? So, we’re doing something very exciting next month. I’m trying to create a very, very personalized outfit just so that a little bit of personality shines through because I feel like that is missing from our bridal scene, and I would love to see more of that as the personal touch is where the style plays a big role.

So, lastly, I would like to know which is your favorite piece from all your designs?

Oh my god you can’t ask me to choose between my kids, love them all, but my favorite piece is yet to come!

All images courtesy: Instagram 

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