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Taking place on October 22nd all the way to the 25th, the adidas Sneakers Day is an e-workshop and low-key shopping bonanza for sneakerheads in the country.

Celebrating the success of the brand’s sneaker division, adidas decided to go something special for the three-stripe family in India. Having a 300% spike in sneaker sales, especially in hype and premium sections, they’ve curated not only a four-day, pop-up shopping event but also a really cool workshop for sneakerheads. With fun events and special offers, the adidas Sneakers Day is something you don’t want to miss.

adidas sneakers day

One of the coolest feats of this event is that, if you shop for more than Rs 25,000, you win a chance to get free sneaker supplies for an entire year! To put that into perspective, if you cop two top-line pairs, your cart amount is at par with 25K. All you have to do now, is enroll and pray to your lucky sneaker stars. On Day 1, they have something called ‘Guess The Price’, we’re assuming if you’re close enough, there’s a reward waiting on the other end for you.

adidas sneakers day

On the other hand, they have an event called ‘How To Clean Sneakers’ – Pretty self explanatory, but if your regular sneaker laundry isn’t available, you might want an expert scoop on how to DIY. The next day, the 23rd, you have ‘Hidden Deals’ and ‘Decoders Den’. The list goes on for another two more days and it’s all fun-packed, informative and makes for a sneakerhead’s digital paradise.

The adidas Sneakers Day starts on the 22nd of October and exceeds till the 25th of October. It will be held on adidas’ online portal.

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