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6 menswear designers on the art of dressing well for the summers

The searing heat, sweat patches and overall fatigue, summers come with an entire paraphernalia of sorts. Making the right fashion choices can help withstand and even thrive, this season. Whether you are about breezy fabrics, picking up season-appropriate prints or a master at accessorising, there are a few basic rules for the season that can ensure that your fashion quotient is on point. So to ease those style conundrums, we asked India’s leading menswear designers for their summer fashion tips and recommended must-haves.

Kunal Rawal
Summer style tips for men. Image: Courtesy Kunal Rawal
Image: Courtesy Kunal Rawal

“Go for shorter hems for your occasion wear silhouettes, think short sleeves, smaller collared kurtas are great for the season. Always experiment with colours; an easy way to start indulging in colours is by experimenting with prints, think charcoal grey or olive with prints. Pastel hues will always work. You can also loop in slate blue, mint green, washed salmon pink. Just in case you want to be a bit dressy, pick up a linen jacket. Get your summer look in a textured linen bandhgala inside your bundi for a formal or an occasion specific look.  As for those must haves? Invest in a pair of joggers, short sleeve shirts in prints with camp collars, a pair of sunglasses and always remember to buy a pair of  low-cut shoes that can be worn with ballet socks.”

Kunal Anil Tanna
Summer style tips for men. Image: Courtesy Kunal Anil Tanna
Image: Courtesy Kunal Anil Tanna

“Invest in comfortable pieces, made from organic or natural fibre. Incorporating organic cotton and linen ensembles in your wardrobe will keep you light making it the perfect summer style staple. Hats can be a great add-on to any summer ensemble. Fedoras or boaters made from soft cane or raffia is a quintessential accessory staple for any summer look. Also, pick up a well constructed ivory linen tunic shirt and a box pleated turn-up linen pants in the classic tan hue for added brownie points.”

Medha Khosla of Anomaly
Summer style tips for men. Image: Courtesy Anomaly
Image: Courtesy Anomaly

“A casual button-down shirt paired with light coloured blue jeans is an ideal ensemble to pick out for summers. Printed or checkered short-sleeved shirts teamed with a pair of khaki shorts would also be a classic outfit for outdoor activities. A crisp linen suit paired with playful sneakers are perfect for your casual brunches or sundowner parties. Fabrics like cottons and linens along with prints such as checks, plaids and stripes with colour hues of blues, khaki greens, tobacco browns and washed stone are the key factors men should tick off on their summer wardrobe list. As for the must-haves for every man?  Invest in a  classic white button down shirt, a pair of pastel tint sunglasses, a contrast coloured chinos or khaki shorts.”

Aparna Chandra of Nicobar
Image: Courtesy Nicobar
Image: Courtesy Nicobar
    • “Wear breathable fabric – cottons & linens are the best fabrics this summer. Both are quick absorbents and allow for fast cooling. Also, both of them are easy to maintain since they leave no sweat marks. Wear silhouettes that allow for movement and easy to move and live in. Our nawab shirts are great for summers, when paired with vintage trousers. Just in case you want to embrace a bit of ethnic style, our caravan kurtas are just the thing.”
  • Nachiket Barve
  • Image: Courtesy Nachiket Barve
    Image: Courtesy Nachiket Barve

  • “Pick up fabrics such as cotton, linen, fabrics made of bamboo, even banana. Also, there has been a huge revolution in how men wear colours. Bold is great; from neon to candy, you can play with any colour you want. Footwear is something which is sort of an afterthought, do not ignore it. Well-groomed feet in leather sandals – that’s the look to aim for. Also, summer weddings are big, so invest in textured bundis, neo-floral prints, pastel hues. A summer look is incomplete without a great pair of sunglasses. There is nothing worse than a pair of thick, uncomfortable jeans in summers, go for a pair of well-constructed trousers instead. You can’t ignore a great cologne too – it adds to the look. It is good to carry an extra layer, probably a light jacket or a waistcoat, a piece that you can throw over once you step in from the heat outside”






6 menswear designers on the art of dressing well for the summers

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