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Looking for celeb-approved tie-dye? These 10 brands are on our radar in 2021

Tie-dye trend is all over Instagram and it is one that celebrities and street style stars are equally in love with. From co-ords to cardigans, there are a host of young and fun brands turning the craft into chic ensembles.

Tie-dye has been around for ages, but now we see it making a comeback as it emerges as one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. From early stages of the DIY tie-dye kits to having brands customise your look, tie-dye is an extremely versatile and flexible trend and in a way, it’s timeless too.

When you look at tie-dye clothing item you are immediately struck by bright fun colours but did you know there was more to it? Tie-dye was popularised during the hippie movement in America, which symbolises peace and non-violence. In today’s time, we see it making its way back into the fashion world in chic-er, more wearable ways that are not just trendy but Insta-worthy.

From loungewear, to activewear and now even formals, you name it, they dye it. Here is a list of our favourite tie-dye labels in India that gleaned from the Internets.

Hero Image: Courtesy Janhvi Kapoor Instagram. Feature Image: Courtesy The Cinnamon Stitch 

1 /10


A brand that’s all about getting free-spirited minds together in one space and designing clothes just for them. Their unique tie-dye designs are tailored with their signature handmade process with beautiful colours. Their motto is “Color for Everyone”.  We love their Tie-Dye Unisex Bubblegum Reverse Crumple Sweatshirt.

Price: Rs. 2,690.


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Image via Huedee website




2 /10

Urban Monkey

The Fly Tie-Dye shirt from Urban Monkey is much more than what meets the eye. Their unique tie-dye designs don’t have a focus on a single colour with captivating designs on both the front and rear ends. Straight-cut, short sleeve silhouette topped with a ribbed crew neck for a comfortable fit.

Price: Rs. 1,350.

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Image Via Urban Monkey website



3 /10


Looking for something indie yet chic? Okhai’s new range of tie-dye dresses is the perfect fit for you. Their Okhai ‘Varkha’ Tie-Dye Pure Cotton Dress is the right mix between whimsical, playful, and comfortable. It’s a minimal dress that every girl should have, dress it up or down it’s up to you.

Price: Rs. 2,100.

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Image via Okahi website


4 /10

Saison Clothing

Tie-dye shorts are not only comfortable but cute. Available in a range of colors, Saison’s sweat shorts are the way to go. If you need to spend a day lounging at home or a quick outfit for a coffee run, their shorts are a must-have.

Price: Rs 1,199

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Image Via Saison Clothing website


5 /10


Handmade designs made with a lot of love from Jaipur. Moonbow isn’t afraid to explore and experiment with their garments. This is evident through their fusion wear sets. They struck a perfect harmony between traditional designs and international silhouettes. Their Mayfield Set is on our radar and should be on yours too.

Price: Rs 2,650

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Image Via Moonbow website The Cinnamon Stich


6 /10

The Cinnamon Stitch

Who doesn’t love a good old fuzzy sweater? Well instead of a regular sweater try out Cinnamon Stitchs’ tie-dye fuzzy sweater. It’s the right combination of colors and comfort that we love.

Price: Rs 2,990

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Image Via The Cinnamon Stitch website

7 /10

Kritika Murarka

Her Ruth Tie-dye trousers are play-on regular trousers but with her very own twist. Kritika’s trousers are a mix of classy yet quirky. The yellow hues can be paired with anything and everything. You can wear them to a formal event or something casual. It’s up to you.

Price: 10,949

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Image vis Kritika Murarka website

8 /10

Who could go wrong with a blue and white tie-dye t-shirt? Pista’s comfortable tie-dye cotton shirt is a must add to your athleisure wardrobe. You can pair it with their matching shorts and a white sneaker and you’re good to go.

Price: Rs. 1,790


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Image via Pista website

Made of 100% cotton, Fringe’s Versatile Shirt is something that works for everyone. It can be styled for any occasion, where you can wear it as is, or convert it into the garment you need. Hand-dyed, so you know that each piece is unique.

Price: Rs. 1,599

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Image Via FringebyTii website

10 /10

Their Terry Tie-Dye knit sweater is perfect for sweater weather. Couple it with a pair of sweatpants or wear it with jeans and you have the perfect look for you. Available in both pink and blue.

Price: Rs. 999


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Image via The Scorleo website

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