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Who is Sarita Choudhary? The British Indian actor who took Carrie Bradshaw to a sari shop

Everything you want to know about Carrie Bradshaw’s new bestie, Seema Patel played by British Indian actor Sarita Choudhary. Plus, the ‘sari-gate’ that’s earning Carrie a bad rep.

And just like that, Carrie Bradshaw has landed herself in a soup or should we say dal? In case you missed it, the fifth episode of the Sex And The City reboot, ‘And Just Like That’ saw Carrie Bradshaw call her lehenga a ‘sari’ as she goes Diwali shopping with her realtor, Seema Patel. The fifth episode sees Carrie and her new buddy, Seema (played by Sarita Choudhary) visit a plush Soho Indianwear boutique which they call a ‘sari shop’ where Carrie picks out an outfit. While the outfit is implied to be a sari, it turns out to be a Falguni and Shane Peacock lehenga and has been under the banner for its cultural misrepresentation.

Carrie Bradshaw
Image: Courtesy And Just Like That Closet/Instagram.

The reboot if you haven’t noticed has left no stones unturned to appear woke – from conversations about pronouns, sexual orientations, personal choices when it comes botox and even, motherhood. The reboot is basically a lesson for the fifty-plus audience on how to be woke in 2021/22. Upon entering the Indianwear boutique, which we’ve identified as Ave Design India Collective, Carrie innocently asks if she were to wear a sari to Seema’s family Diwali celebrations would it be termed as cultural appropriation? Only, to be told it’s more like cultural appreciation. And while we appreciate Seema (and the writers at AJLT) introducing Carrie to other cultures, the little mishap has led to much turmoil on the interwebs.

If you’re thinking about whether Seema Patel should have corrected Carrie’s outfit faux pas or simply, on who the actor is and why does she look so familiar, read on.

Everything we know about Sarita Choudhary who plays Seema Patel on the SATC reboot, ‘And Just Like That’:

You might have spotted Choudhary from her remarkable performance in Mira Nair’s 1991 film Mississippi Masala, opposite Denzel Washington. A role courtesy which she received her Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card and went to many popular roles. She’s appeared as Mira in the TV series ‘Homeland’, American crime drama ‘Blindspot’ and The Hunger Games (part 1 and 2) to name a few recent and significant roles.

Seema Patel
Seema Patel in a Tarun Tahiliani sari. Image: Courtesy And Just Like That Closet/Instagram.

Choudhary’s role in the AJLT series is definitely a monumental one as she plays with much poise and panache. As Carrie Bradshaw’s realtor-turned-friend she is candid and charismatic. And did we mention, stylish? For instance, she steps out in an actual sari for the controversial Diwali party in a chevron Tarun Tahiliani sari that she belts for effect.

Choudhary’s glamorous role in AJLT is a departure from her previous more serious roles but she nails it with remarkable performance. “I can tell you she’s very different from me. She’s a very savvy businesswoman but has a very—I hope—quick sense of humor, if I pulled that off.” Seema is a powerhouse. There is a cool confidence about her, both in the way she carries herself and in how she dresses,” the actor shared in an interview with Who What Wear.

So even as we are reeling from Carrie Bradshaw’s sari faux pas, we are rather intrigued by the new member of the SATC clan – Seema Patel, a self-made Manhattan realtor who looks fierce in an animal print pantsuit and a sari.

Image: Courtesy And Just Like That Closet Instagram.

Read more about the beautiful boutique Ave Design India Collective that Carrie visits in Soho along with other great options for Indianwear in USA here.

Header Image: Courtesy Sarita Choudhary Instagram. Featured Image: Courtesy And Just Like That Closet Instagram.

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